I guess I'll pack up my mind

I am a complete type A personality. I am a planner, timely, and organized to a point where people start to call me insane. I relate to those crazy characters in movies and TV who are a bit painfully overzealous. I write posts up to two months in advance. Despite this, I still lose or misplace my keys quite often. So while I can plan for all the outfits and things I need to bring to Florida, what I really need to watch for is not leaving my charger/hair straightener/something there this time because we are officially out of Florida by the 25th. Forgive me as I will be fairly gone over the next week, but I'll be back in full swing soon. While I'm gone though, keep reading - I'll be having guest posts, a giveaway, and an awesome promotion for my birthday from my lovely sponsors!

sweater :: loft remixed
dress :: h&m remixed
belt :: nordstrom remixed
tights :: francesca's
booties :: fanco sarto via gabriel brothers remixed
necklace :: tiffany's remixed
bag :: sample of my design remixed
headband :: forever 21 remixed
ring :: asos remixed
coat :: forever 21 remixed

PS. Here's me wearing the same dress + belt combo in 2007.
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  1. I just wrote an outfit post with those very tights! Hurray! They look great on you, and that outfit is amazing I love the dress and belt. Have fun in FL!

  2. I love this colour combination, black, grey and blush are always so great together!! Those tights are such a fun pattern too. I am the same way, I have to pack and plan outfits when I go on holidays etc but have a tendency to forgot silly things like chargers all the time. Have a wonderful time in Florida!!

  3. the polka dot tights are great dear
    x the cookies

  4. Safe travels to you and have a great time in Florida! Love the bag!

  5. oh wow! i'm so in love with this outfit <3 i love two versions but this light pink sweater is AMAZING <3

  6. I'm like that. I will have each outfit down to the socks/ tights I'm wearing but then will forget my toothbrush. Oops.

    I love the colour combo. Your hair colour looks great with it.

    I know you will be excited to get your man back. Hope the trip goes well.


  7. I love the tights!! And your fox ring is too cute :)

    Put your heels up

  8. I love this outfit that you put together! Especially love those rings and the hairband with your hair style! <3

    Gracie's Notebook

  9. i really love the mood of the photo: the weather+your dress+ the headband! Perfect! And my special compliments to the tights. I have hard time convincing myself to wear pattern tights. You look great in these!

  10. Nothing wrong with being a bit of a Type A personality! Have fun in Florida!


  11. very pretty :) love the bag a lot! it looks like it could hold the world! hope you have fun on vacation :)
    xx mili


  12. so are you officially moving to Florida?! That is where your hubs is already right? I get mixed up w/ all your traveling for work : ) and hey, I can never even get outfit shots taken ahead of time, let alone write posts, and always forget things, so you're waaay head of me on there! Love those tights & your sweet little outfit here! oh and did u wear Kristian's skirt in a post?

  13. Oh, hurrah for the exciting moving move. Good luck keeping everything where it needs to be and safe travels as that happens!

  14. The tights, the bag, the headband...oh so lovely<3

    Colour Me Classic

  15. You look so cute as always! I love the big polka dot tights! -Jess L

  16. hi katherine!

    what a lovely blog you have. you look so cute in these photos. i love the tights! i also really love the brown satchel... really sweet. i've been looking for a brown leather satchel... a big one to fit my camera in... but haven't been able to find one yet! maybe i'm to picky.

    are you moving or are you just going on a holiday?

    i do hope you're enjoying your weekend, dear!

    xox, amber

  17. Such a sweet look! I really love your tights, the polka dots are adorable! Fantastic dress too! This look is perfect for the cooler weather! Have fun in Florida!


  18. Gorgeous photos! I love your looks for fall! Very comfy and chic plus the accessories look super cute! :D

    Wish & Wear

  19. what a cute tights, I have to buy a pair like these!

  20. love your hair, love the polka dots, love the fox ring.
    you are so put together! gorgeous.

  21. I usually like to plan things in a somewhat crazy manner too. And then of course if something doesn't go as planned, I get super frustrated! I admire those who can let things like that roll off their backs so easily. Anywho...I love your rings! Your engagement ring is stunning! :)

  22. Good luck with the move! That belt is so beautiful!

  23. these are beautiful photos! you are gorgeous and i love your outfit! those tights are sooo cute :)

    andrea brionne

  24. so in love with your style! love your oversized bag, tights and cardigan!

    please visit my blog when you get the chance!

  25. I often wonder what kind of personality I have because I am very detailed and like to be organized, but I often find myself craving adventure and very absent minded at times. I love your grey dress and I hope you have a ton of fun in Florida!

  26. Awesome, girl! I love this look down to the polkadot stockings! Oh, and happy birthday in advance!


  27. I'm like that too, i love planning and organizing! Ooo this outfit is so pretty. I really like the polka dotted tights and the dusty pink (favorite shade of pink!) cardigan :)

  28. this look is so pretty! love the blush and gray paired together :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  29. Okay, I badly want your tights! :p

    I agree with Chioma, the combination of colors is lovely. I just told my sis to pair gray and nude pink for a wedding!


  30. I am so jealous of your bag!

  31. you're so cute!!
    Can't wait to see!


  32. Love those polka dot tights - such a great combo with the gray & pink. have a fabulous trip!

  33. You are adorable! Love the tights and how playful this whole outfit is :)

  34. Love.Those.Tights. And travel safe!!

  35. okay that bag. it is amazing. and you are so cute. and good luck with everything!

  36. polka dot tights are the best! this outfit is great.


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