I would say I am very fortunate to have a dog that travels really well - 16 hours in a car and Teemo was never sick or upset, just adorable. After spending a rather sleepless night in Charlotte due to being way too excited, the last 8 hours were the worst. I ended up traveling like 200 miles with two boys in a red car who wrote the lyrics to call me maybe on a sign and showed it to me. It was kind of adorable. I waved. Getting to Orlando was great - I got to go out to a hibachi dinner and Menchie's and a Target trip. Doesn't take us long to get back into the swing of things.

They See Us rollingThey See Us rollingThey See Us rollingThey See Us rolling\

Except I had to tripod these photos. What's up with that guys?

They See Us rollingThey See Us rolling

dress :: sugarhill boutique via modcloth remixed
jacket :: target remixed
scarf :: old navy remixed
belt :: anthropologie remixed
loafers :: target
ring :: forget me knot remixed
headband :: goody remixed
So my Florida posts are going to be a bit out of order, but I really didn't believe that posting my Thanksgiving outfit and food should wait all too much longer! We are back in Pennsylvania settling in now and watching both of the dogs enjoy playing with each other. I'm slowly catching up with blogs -i'm reading a few pages into everyone's but only commenting on a few. Thanksgiving was totally delicious - my idea for cider roasted veggies turned out swimmingly and our sweet corn risotto is like the best thing in the world and just thinking about it makes me want to make it when I get home tonight. I'll be posting the recipes this month so you can make it too.

Celebration (where these photos were taken) is full of adorable parks to take photos in, and we had a fun time taking outfit photos here this week. The pups got to come along for quite a few shoots - this being one of them. Note their lovely 'dinner attire' - Teemo's new tie from Rover Dog and Raynor's faux fur peter pan collar that I let her borrow from my closet.

dress :: anthropologie native birds dress remixed
heels :: seychelles clue bootie remixed
belt :: forever 21 remixed
sweater :: target remixed
headband :: free people remixed

So by now I am in Florida with Jason on a Sunday probably packing the boxes I helped pack a year ago and trying to decide what furniture we can fit into the old Toyota van Jason's parents have kept for the sole purpose of moving the kids around. In spirit of his homecoming, here is a recipe for a soup similar to the one Disney makes at Le Cellier steakhouse. There are slight adjustments - like this one is totally vegetarian! This is one of our favorites to make together and is delicious topped with bacon, hamburger, or a little extra cheese.


I am a complete type A personality. I am a planner, timely, and organized to a point where people start to call me insane. I relate to those crazy characters in movies and TV who are a bit painfully overzealous. I write posts up to two months in advance. Despite this, I still lose or misplace my keys quite often. So while I can plan for all the outfits and things I need to bring to Florida, what I really need to watch for is not leaving my charger/hair straightener/something there this time because we are officially out of Florida by the 25th. Forgive me as I will be fairly gone over the next week, but I'll be back in full swing soon. While I'm gone though, keep reading - I'll be having guest posts, a giveaway, and an awesome promotion for my birthday from my lovely sponsors!

sweater :: loft remixed
dress :: h&m remixed
belt :: nordstrom remixed
tights :: francesca's
booties :: fanco sarto via gabriel brothers remixed
necklace :: tiffany's remixed
bag :: sample of my design remixed
headband :: forever 21 remixed
ring :: asos remixed
coat :: forever 21 remixed

PS. Here's me wearing the same dress + belt combo in 2007.
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When I started this blog last November, I didn't really know where I was going. Heck, I tried to start this with Tumblr which was not working. I didn't have my posting down, I hadn't totally figured out my journey in life, let alone this little snippet of the internet, but I think I've come a long way.

In celebration, I thought I would answer some questions I see in comments or have been asked in person a lot lately. So here it goes!

Why Of Corgis & Cocktails?
I was actually thinking of the Walrus and the Carpenter from Alice in Wonderful and was thinking about the line 'Of Cabbages and Kings' which brought me to 'Of Corgis and Cocktails.' So know, when I say my blog name, I usually preface it with 'The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things....' but in my head of course. I love outfits and clothing, obviously, but a lot of my blog is also about the dogs and food. Theses are two things I love to talk about - the corgis and cocktails.

i got a new camera!
What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 60D with two different lenses. Now, that being said, I also went to school for design for 5 years and do  a lot of my shooting with my camera on manual, and when I'm doing outfit posts, aperture priority. Remember, knowing your camera and how to edit will change the look completely. I use Adobe Creative Suite 6 with Photoshop and Bridge to edit all photos.

You live apart from your husband? How do you do it?
My husband Jason and I moved from Ohio in October 2011 - me to Pennsylvania and he to Florida to finish grad school. You can read a bit more about that and some tips here. How I do it - that's a mystery to me also guys. Sometimes I get all whiny about it too. Truth is, I focus on trying to get fit and be all pretty for when he sees me next, but I end up eating pretzels and wine on top of working out. Oops. But yeah. Because there is a end date, it really isn't all that bad. Also. this is the last month - I'm actually leaving for Florida as this posts! Huzzah!

How old are you?
I'm not quite 25 but I, for some reason, cannot remember I'm 24. So 25 in a few days.

-33 : i'm sorry mom...-28 : OMG!
Is that a corgi?
Teemo isn't a full bred corgi, it's true. He's a mutt with a large overbite and no docked tail. He's a mix of Pembroke Welsh Corgi with what I can only assume to be Jack Russel terrier, some other terrier, ferret, and fox. We call him a 'corgums' because he's a corgi mixed with 'umm I dunno.'

Have any other questions? I'll answer them in the comments!
I wore this outfit for a photo shoot for work on a chilly day. Weird to be taking photos of someone that isn't myself - I've gotten used to me being my only model. November is crisp, and I am never prepared to be outside all day. This is as warm as it gets for me, especially since I'm still going strong on my New Year's Resolution to not wear pants for all of 2012. Best resolution ever I tell you.


hat :: handmade remixed
jacket :: forever 21 remixed
cardigan :: gap outlet remixed
top :: modcloth remixed
shorts :: loft remixed
tights :: target remixed
boots :: love culture remixed
bag :: a sample of something i designed
gloves :: asos
ring :: modcloth
Portions for Foxes

Simply put - everything with animals, and by animals I mean foxes, all of the time. I think Teemo is a little fox so I have a slight obsession with fox things because I think Teemo is a corgi/fox/terrier/ferret mix.


What You'll Need
Black, White, and Brown Nail Polish
A Clear Coat
Mechanical Pencil, Bobby Pin, or Toothpick for details (I use a mechanical pencil...I find it the most ergonomic, ha!)


Paint half of your nail white and allow it to dry.
Then with your chosen detail tool, draw a T in brown (above) and continue to fill in with a thick top and little ears (below)
With your detail tool again, in black, draw little half moon eyes and a nose. Then top with a top coat!


Clean with a cotton swap dipped in remover if you got a bit messy. And voila! Foxes.
Portions for Foxes
We all have days where we really just want to sit around and do absolutely nothing. This weekend, I really didn't feel much like leaving the house and spent most of my time on my desktop playing a video game with my husband (I'm in love with Guild Wars 2....anyone else? Probably not? If you are lemme know). I still have things to do though - like grocery shop, take photos of a recipe for the blog, and brave the weather to take Teemo on his long peaceful walks. No one ever shows their lazy outfits, you know, the stuff we wear on days where it's too cold in my home to wear a cute dress. Plus, I think these leggings are the best - I've had them for years and the gold sparkly dots are still perfectly in tact.


So here we are, back to the old porch shots. I wanted to be able to have Teemo in my photos without his leash and just be in our natural state today.

sweatshirt dress :: american apparel
leggings :: j crew
flats :: target
hat :: handmade remixed
necklace :: forever 21 (similarremixed
bag :: sass & peril remixed