We Need To Start Gluing Things To You


So let's have a chat about how incredibly awful at life I have been lately because if there is an award for losing everything all the time - I win. Last weekend, my card must have slipped out of my wallet before I met up with Rachel and Jessica, and someone went on a small spending spree at gas stations in a span of 2 hours with my credit card. Then this weekend I suppose I left my cell phone sitting atop the post office machine, went and took these photos, and when I got in my car 20 minutes later, realized I had no cell phone. Whoever has it has no intention of giving it back. I really lose hope in people sometimes. I'm sure all of you would return a lost item and that the people who took my card and phone aren't reading my blog. If you are those people....we aren't friends.


Also, I bought a new bag while shopping in Maryland that I love. I wish I hadn't ended up needing to buy a new cell phone the next day, but life happens, and this purse is darn cute. And it has a fox on it. Everything with animals on it, I swear. Which brings up the tee. I've had it for a year and it has never been on the blog? Shame on me. Everything with corgis on it.


jacket :: loft remixed
tee :: modcloth
skirt :: buttons via francesca's collections (similarremixed
belt :: vintage (similar) remixed
tights :: target remixed
boots :: love culture remixed
bag :: emma fox via nordstrom rack (similar)
earrings :: kate spade remixed
cuff :: target remixed
rings :: kiel mead forget me knot // modcloth remixed


  1. I am amazing at loosing things too. I constantly leave my cell phone on top of my car, and sometimes even drive away like that. UGH!
    I love this outfit, the red skirt and that blazer look perfect together. That tee is adorable! And your new bag is the best colour evverrr

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your card and phone! It sucks that someone took it and won't give it back. I assure you that I definitely would try to find the owner if I found someone's phone! Some people are lame, but try to remember to keep some faith because there are people like us who are indeed not lame. :)
    The color of that purse is gorgeous, and your Corgi top is adorable! Another great outfit. :)

  3. OH poor thing! I totally can understand the feeling of losing things and having things taken from you!

    Shame on those who have no good intentions!

    I once lost my WALLET somehow while shopping...it was a horrible feeling. I literally realized this loss within minutes. I JUST bought something, walked out of the store holding my wallet, answered a phone call on my cell, and in the midst of trying to hold the phone and trying to tuck the wallet back into my purse, it must have fallen out. And on the streets of Downtown SF...I may have well as given it away. This took all of a few minutes between that incident and retracing my steps. I WAS HEARTBROKEN.

    The wallet contents was one thing but the wallet itself held sentimental value. It was my mother's (and she had passed away). SO, needless to say, I had my share of heartbreak and blame.

    I also had never lost anything of that level of importance before! I've had a wallet STOLEN from me in middle school...but could never prove the girl I suspected actually stole it. But, I've never just lost my wallet like that.

    So...this long comment ends on a good note. Literally, a year later, someone called me, said they found my wallet. I had left several phone numbers in there...and one person she called said "YES I know her and here's her contact #..." The wallet was mailed back to me with EVERYTHING inside EXCEPT for my driver's license...I even re-connected with my friend...who was from high school and we had lost touch.

    So I do still think about how annoying that incident was...and how someone out there is using my driver's license for no good...but, I have my sentimental wallet back.

    Who knows...



  4. Love this outfit! The bag is my favorite - I'm drawn to anything and everything turquoise. Also loved that you got it in Maryland - that's where I live!

  5. What a shame!! That's aweful that you had your card and phone stolen...but on the bright side...your bag is adorable =) Happy Friday!

  6. OMGosh!!!! I am so sorry Katherine! Man you have had a heck of a time! I would, of course, return something if I just found it. What is wrong with people??? Plus side--You look oh so cute in this tweed blazer and red skirt! Of course, the corgi shirt is pretty darn cute too as is the new bag!

  7. Oh, your shirt is so cute and I really like your bag too. And I'm so sorry to hear about your losing everything..
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    Bowtie Diary

  8. Umm... I think I'm in love with you. Is that weird? haha!

  9. i love all these amazing colors in one outfit, the bag and the skirt is really nice!

    want to follow each other? :)


  10. Love your outfit! Hope your week gets better :)

  11. wow love that blazer and the color of your bag!


  12. Hi, I'm Hillary! I'm a new reader, and I'm super glad I found you because CORGIS=LOVE. That shirt is incredz. Actually, the whole outfit is awesome.

    Following you on Bloglovin'! :)

  13. Ugh. What a horrible week! I know exactly how you feel - I would always try to return belongings to people.

    Last year, the week before Christmas, someone stole my wallet as I went to the post office to send some Christmas cards after work. Wallet theft before Christmas is not that uncommon, but ugh.

    Aside from the fact it was designer (and I'm not usually one to own designer unless it's from a thrift store), it contained my UK driving permit (expensive to replace and I never did so I never got a UK license before moving to the US), my bus card (expensive to replace), my bank cards and cash in it.

    I even had to phone my mum to drive and pick me up as I had no way to get home, and I didn't get replacement bank cards until the day after Christmas. Luckily nobody had used them before I got them cancelled though - I'm SO sorry to hear that happened to you. Nightmare situation.

    Ugh, sorry about that rant. I forgot about that whole debacle and it makes me angry to think about people who do these things.

  14. you look so cute. love the earrings and the blazer! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow my preppy blog. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  15. oh no what a string of bad luck recently! your outfit looks really great on the flip side. i love the pop of color from the purse

  16. That sucks you lost your phone. My whole life is on my phone and laptop so I'd be pretty darn sad if i lost either of them. I've actually luckily never lost anything except I did go shopping once and leave a bag behind which someone took grrr anyways darling hope your week gets better!
    Xoxo Ilana

  17. Hattitude Style Blog
    you look really adorable! i love the pattern tee with the red and tweed blazer!
    what a horrible week you've had. karma. it's all about karma.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  18. Beautiful combo! I love the tee and bag!

    P.S: I invite you to join my giveaway. You can win a $20 gift card for jewelry from Estarer.com plus a secret price.

  19. modcloth has Corgi tees? I need one for the office! You look lovely as usual.

    Boo on the fiends that boosted your cell phone and card.

  20. That shirt is so cute! I have a Modcloth tee with a chihuahua on it, it's my fav :). I'm sorry you've had a hard time lately. Some people are just jerks. I couldn't imagine spending someone else's money or taking a cell phone that doesn't belong to me. Don't worry, things will pick up and the hubs will be back with you in just a few weeks <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  21. I think you have the cutest jewelry. Also, what a perfect shirt for you. <3


  22. i love that bright skirt


  23. I love your t-shirt and your skirt! And that bag is absolutely gorgeous. Sorry you lost your phone and card, I can't believe people :(

    xo Jenny

  24. The purse and earrings are fantastic buys!

  25. Lovely top. Omg if AA hired me as an stylist for their website or creative team I would be so happy! I do love their aesthetics mixed with my own taste xx

  26. How suck that not only such things happened, but that they happened so close to each other! Hope this next week turns a new leaf...

    PS As always you look adorable.

  27. Sorry to hear what has happened to you lately! I hope things turn up soon!!

    Cute outfit! I just LOVE your tee and purse! I love animals. :)

    xo - Sheila

  28. oh gosh all of those things are kind of the worst, but usually things happen all at once so i would say you're good for a while.

  29. I love everything in these photos. The bag is just AHHH! <3

  30. You look bloody fab lovely! Your skirt is lush - I waaant! and that bag is a must have hehe the photo's are brill - as is your blog I'm definitely your newest follower hehe
    would you please take a look at mine and follow back please?
    Twitter: @Rachael_Haile

  31. Gaaa!! That bag is fantastic! I need a t-shirt like that too, but with english bulldogs on it!

  32. You poor thing. Love the green bag! Very awesome.

  33. I love the titles of your posts! LOL! And that purse is a beauty! You always have the best purses (and outfits)! It's a shame that people aren't honest, but whenever that happens to me, I tell myself that "they must have really needed it more than I did", and just try to be more careful next time. It's sad, but true. The law isn't there for honest people; it's there for dishonest\bad people, unfortunately. =( -Jess L

  34. very cute outfit katherine! i love the tee and your new purse is so cute. so sorry for the stroke of bad luck! why can't people just return things. it's so hard to replace all of those things. glad to see you carrying on :)

  35. SAD! I hope everything works out.

    On a happier note, your tee is super duper cute!!

  36. That is really too bad about your phone and card. I'm sure you're so frustrated with the whole thing.

    About 4 months ago I dropped my wallet when getting out of the car while on my way to my hair appointment. Apparently some totally great guy found it, went around to all the stores in the little strip mall where it was found asking if I was there, then when he couldn't find me he hand delivered the wallet to my house and left it at my front door inside the screen door with a little note. The place where I lost my wallet and where I live is about a 35 minute drive. To think someone would go through all of that restored my faith in people. I wish you had been as lucky.

    Otherwise loving the cherry with the grey : )


  37. looove your new bag aloot!! :)
    nice blazer :D


  38. I absolutely love the top- I am huge animal graphic prints and patterns lover-and the dogs are just too cute! Great outfit! :)

  39. the earrings! the bag! the shirt! the belt! the rings! why you gotta be so stylish

  40. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  41. I'm amazed you sound as cheerful as you do losing your phone and credit card in one week! I'm so sorry that this happened to you, and I would totally be raging about it! I hope that you do get them back. Once I got my purse stolen and then someone anonymously posted me everything in it (except the purse and the money) but I got my ID, library cards and photos all back. So stranger things can happen.

    The bag looks so sleek and smart so at least you have a nice shiny thing to cheer you up! Thanks for you lovely comment on the wedding planning -I'd love to see some of your old sketches and planning stuff!

  42. Surely if so many things just went wrong, things will have to go better next week! Your tee is so cute :)


  43. Ah! Such an adorable t-shirt! I wish I could find one with illustrations of greyhounds.

    le fresne x

  44. That bag is too precious.

    And I've had those days... but luckily I am so obsessively paranoid about my iPhone that it's on my person at all times. Though when I used to be a night club photographer someone stole it off of me, and then I got to track it with find my iPhone and sic the cops on them! YAY!


  45. Ugh- I'm so sorry, you always hope that if you lose something whoever has it will be excited to return it to you. I had to buy my iphone back from thugs once and the screen was smashed. It makes it hard to keep having faith in people! Well, you look really cute and I think you have the best t-shirt collection ever. And I love how you always wear them in such a stylish/feminine way!

  46. oh my gosh what a terrible experience!! that really, really sucks. i really hope things do get better for you in the near future, the only time i've ever lost my phone in public was when I left it in a Chinese restaurant, and they gladly kept it behind the counter until we drove back (an hour later) to get it.

  47. Sorry for your phone :-( Your bag is fabolous... xoxo Coco

  48. Let's trade wardrobes? ;) LOL.


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