& It's Fall Just Like You Said

The time has come where I need to start wearing coats out and considering turning my heat on - I haven't ran heat or air conditioning in my apartment since the end of August and it's been great. I wasn't made for the cold - if you find that I ever stop mentioning (or complaining I suppose) about the drops in temperature, either I'm in Florida or it's an impostor of me. Speaking of winter - my husband suggested a month of posts themed around his homecoming. What do you think?

This coat is a favorite of mine. I bought it in 2007 when we went to California, and I mistakenly thought I shouldn't pack a coat, even though it was December. My (now) sister in law and husband mocked my cape as a Harry Potter cloak - but look now guys - I'm totally in style 5 years later. And here's a little gem for you, my husband and I in Disneyland in 2007.

it's fall just like you saidit's fall just like you saidit's fall just like you saidit's fall just like you said
sweater :: j crew outlet remixed
skirt :: tulle remixed
tights :: target remixed
kitten heels :: target
coat :: forever 21 remixed
earrings :: free people
headband :: free people remixed
bracelet :: vintage via atomic warehouse remixed
necklace :: c/o prettypany remixed


  1. That cape is so cute! You were totally ahead of the trend :). And I'm dying over that flashback picture... You look so young! I have a 2007 Disneyland photo with Kevin but it's pretty embarrassing haha!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. I hate the cold too. It's probably the worst time EVER, but this cape is totally awesome. I've yet to figure out how capes work? So kudos to you and omg, you look like a baby in that photo. AND I love the tiny tiny heels on your shoes.

  3. Looking straight out of Harry Potter has NEVER been a bad thing. This cape is the coolest and I'm jealous at how well you pull it off. I'm really loving the top too, I love sheer necklines. Also, can you make another trip to Disneyland next time I'm home? Because you should.

  4. We love this! Amazing look and fun photos<3

    ox from NYC


  5. I love this coat, it's such a wonderful piece and looks so cozy!! Your skirt and top look gorgeous together, such a great combination. And your nails are SO awesome!
    I think homecoming themed posts would be really great :)

  6. That cobalt colour is just stunning...esp on you! The gray kitten heels are super cute too...I love that feminine and demure height.

    <3 Cambria

  7. Love the floral skirt so much!

    What an adorable older picture! Don't you just love looking back at those memories?

    Hope that time goes super fast until he is home again!


  8. Cute look, Katherine! I love the blue and purple together. You can complain about the cold all you want because I hear ya, girl! That cape is great for the cold weather.

    xo Jenny

  9. This outfit is adorable! I love the colors! And no matter what they say, I love your cape, too! It's such a great piece for fall.

  10. What a great cape! Look at you all ahead of the times! I think homecoming posts are an amazing idea! I also complain constantly about the cold. Gross!

  11. it's not fall here :( will you send some to dallas please? i laid out by the pool today - it was 85!

    also, I'm a member of the modcloth modsquad and saw the blog you are starting with other modsquaders - so cool! if you ever need any help let me know!!


  12. I love this pretty floral skirt and that bright blue cardigan, The homecoming post idea sounds awesome! can't wait to see it if you do do it! :)

  13. super cute and yes you should definitely do the homecoming posts so cool hope you are well

    xoxo Ilana

  14. I am not a huge fan of the cold either... which is why I don't think I could ever venture far from the South. Loving that chic cape... you are totally ahead of the game. And yay for hubby's return!

  15. Aw! You look lovely! I love tops with sheer sweetheart necklines. <3

    I also love your cape! So chic! <3 I'm really enjoying autumn at the moment - I love rainy weather!

  16. You always take the most gorgeous pictures and hey, there's nothing wrong with a harry potter cloak. Wizards are pretty damn awesome. :)

  17. Amaze. & pulling off flats with a short heel like that is NOT easy. Love the black coat & bold-colored cardigan. Workin it good.

  18. thanks for the rec of j.crew. i've been looking into them. i just am terrrrrible at shopping in real life. :(

  19. I think your cape looks great! And I love your kitten heels--Target! Good find.


  20. How cute are you!? I love that skirt :)

    Pearls & Paws

  21. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  22. I love that cape jacket! It's SO cute. I've definitely purposely forgotten to pack a coat before so I could buy a new one. That's terrible, isn't it?

    You look adorable as always and I hope you had a nice weekend :)

  23. The cape is so cute (and anyway, who wouldn't want to look like the graduated from Hogwarts?)

  24. another great outfit. I love the cape!

  25. chic and sweet! in love with the cardi!

  26. I LOVE THIS TOP! So cute. I wish it was still on stock. I also love your cape. AND YES. A month of posts dedicated to his homecoming sounds like a great idea!


  27. You are so cute! I LOVE your coat!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. Simply cute. :) Black and blue look good together if you know what you're doing... Which you always do!

    Join the Dark Shadows BluRay Giveaway

  29. I see why this is your favourite capelet, what a gorgeous outfit, and pretty manicure as well. xo/Madison Happy Monday dear!

  30. Disneyland!!!! Sorry, I got distracted there for a sec...i've always fancied Capes.

  31. It is really good that you wear a coat that you have had for a long time. Not many people will do that.

  32. so cool! we have the same cardi! i love the bright blue shade and i've been wearing it too a lot these days since the weather here in dubai is also starting to cool down. :)

  33. Yayyy you included the nails! This outfit is gorgeous, love the blue cardi combined with a purple skirt <3
    And that coat is so lovely!

    1. bah i had forgotten to link to you!!!! just changed it. i took that photo specifically so i would send your tutorial link too. #forgetful

  34. Definitely like your nails, but I was more distracted by your beautiful bracelet! Where is that from??
    Also, you look adorable in your outfit. :)


  35. It's a very cute cape Katherine!!! Love your skirt and your nails are so much fun.

  36. I love the nails shot. Also impressed with you braving it out sleeveless in the cold. I worry when the winter comes my outfit posts will fade away as does warmth and daylight!

  37. The swingy cape coat is so cute! Might as well forget to pack a coat so you can get a super cute one ;)

  38. This is so darling! Your nails are super cute, for sure. I'm in love with you heels-such great detail on them! And girl, you have such a rockin' figure. That black top flatters you so well.
    I always underestimate how cold it is going to be outside. My husband makes sure there is always a spare coat in our vehicle so he doesn't have to hear me complain when it gets chilly out!

  39. Gah....that coat! I'm so not a coat person either, but I would wear that beauty in a heartbeat! I really love pieces that you can hold onto for that long & they are still in style. I'd say that's a timeless piece. You & your hubs are adorbs by the way:)

    Love those nails! I never wear polish as playing instruments makes it hard for me to keep my nails from chipping. I should reconsider though. Those are just too stinking cute! <3 Marisa

  40. Hey that cape is completely AWESOME. I just recently bought tons of crochet capes and I can't wait to break them out this fall!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  41. I LOVE that top! And your cape is beautiful!

  42. Cute cute cute! I love the nails and your amazing little cape jacket. It's definitely right on trend. I had a jacket like that when I was little. My mom made it for me. I wish I had an adult sized one now!


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