Happy Halloween from me and my little family!

-236 : ice cream!!! (6 days til halloween!)
Raynor as a banana split in 2010

poko or treat!
Poko (RIP Little Buddy) in a candy bowl in 2008 and Teemo as a devil in 2011.
It has been warm enough to not wear tights, and really, not even wear a jacket. It's been two months since I have had heat or air on in my apartment. My energy bills are so low I celebrate it every month. I just wish it would stay like this forever.

tailored not so grown up clothestailored not so grown up clothestailored not so grown up clothestailored not so grown up clothestailored not so grown up clothes

blazer :: j crew (similarremixed
dress :: asos remixed
belt :: forever 21 remixed
flats :: target remixed
scarf :: brat & suzie via modcloth remixed
watch :: marc by marc jacobs remixed
headband :: free people remixed
bag :: emma fox via nordstrom rack remixed
Every now and then I remember that I can do a lot more with my camera than stand in front of it and stare at. I got the bright idea to play with my bokeh kit and actually get all manual with my outfit photos - which means these were a challenge to take because they are manually exposed and manually focused. Lots of me standing in one spot, taking the photo, marking that spot with a leaf, and zooming in to see if I was in focus or not. I find this kind of thing relaxing, honestly  trying to get the shot right and all the little bokeh birds swimming around me. These are minorly edited for contrast and brightening, but I uploaded a few straight out of camera shots for you curious ones over here. Immediately after this I had to go grocery shopping which is the stressful part of Sundays because I can never remember what side of the road the store by me is on.

Quaking LeavesQuaking LeavesQuaking LeavesQuaking LeavesQuaking LeavesQuaking LeavesQuaking LeavesQuaking LeavesQuaking Leaves

sweater :: loft 
dress :: modcloth harvest season dress remixed 
flats :: seychelles remixed 
belt :: from a dress remixed 
bag :: valhalla brooklyn remixed 
necklace :: modcloth remixed 
headband :: target
rings :: modcloth remixed
I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but when my friend Shauna told me she was having a Halloween party, I was so incredibly excited. Not only was it being held by one of my favorite people, it wasn't on Halloween, didn't start at something crazy like 11pm, and wasn't a bunch of college kids in skimpy outfits getting all up on each other - perfect! I'm not big on elaborate costumes - I respect them greatly, but I tend to have a problem purchasing items simply for one day (eg. Halloween costumes and my wedding dress). So I decided to be....a not so cat. A crazy cat lady? What am I? You tell me.

sweater :: ann taylor remixed
tights :: ebay remixed
flats :: marc by marc jacobs remixed
necklace :: gift remixed
hat :: michelle mignon
bag :: valhalla brooklyn via etsy remixed
Have I mentioned the fun times Teemo and I have been having lately? Oh, I haven't? Yeah, well, back in August Teemo got the dog flu! There was an outbreak here in Pennsylvania in the area where I kennel Teemo. This basically is a lot like human flu, only a strain that effects dogs. He was reverse sneezing and hacking a lot, but after some antibiotics and a week of my dad feeding him hot dogs, he was mostly better (and fatter).

Except the feet licking. I don't know what started this, I still don't, but Teemo started basically eating his feet, and little buddy has been on steroids lately. We joke a lot about 'roid rages (doggy steroids are not the same thing as body building anabolic steroids by the way so this doens't happen) and getting buff, but really, they just make him need to go to the bathroom a lot more. I come home for lunch every day to take him out because of this.

Sick dogs are up there in the level of pathetic. Teemo is hilarious in his cone of shame, which I have stopped putting him in now that he's mostly stopped licking.

Let this serve as another one of my many reminders that owning a pet isn't usually cheap and random things will happen. If you haven't seen this before, I have a little animation about adopting and what all it takes to get a pet besides love - which is money, time, and a lot of dedication. Because love is great, but it don't pay my 400 plus dollars in vet bills over the past two months. Click here to watch it.
I have always liked the way my name sounds when translated into the Japanese alphabet. The 'th' sound in my name does not have an equivalent so translates into a much more fun sounding 'kya'. Plus, Birdo from Super Mario is actually called Kyasarin in Japan. I also think it sounds much cuter than my rather long and proper name. In real life, a large lot of my friends, including males, actually call me 'Kafwin' and my husband drops the 'w' to be 'Kafin'. I love my name, don't get me wrong, but I also love the little nicknames that come along with it.

Portions for FoxesPortions for FoxesPortions for FoxesPortions for Foxes

Just don't call me Kathy. Katie. Kate. Not really my name. I won't know who you are talking to. Or Kasey - which is what I went by in school up until the last years of high school. When people stop me using my old nickname and maiden name, I usually don't notice. Awkward!

Portions for FoxesPortions for FoxesPortions for FoxesPortions for FoxesPortions for Foxes
jacket :: forever 21
dress :: marc by marc jacobs remixed
tights :: ebay
heels :: report via nordstrom rack remixed
headband :: free people
fox satchel :: ebay remixed
necklaces :: noto // crave jewelry design remixed
rings :: modcloth // asos remixed
belt :: anthropologie remixed

So let's have a chat about how incredibly awful at life I have been lately because if there is an award for losing everything all the time - I win. Last weekend, my card must have slipped out of my wallet before I met up with Rachel and Jessica, and someone went on a small spending spree at gas stations in a span of 2 hours with my credit card. Then this weekend I suppose I left my cell phone sitting atop the post office machine, went and took these photos, and when I got in my car 20 minutes later, realized I had no cell phone. Whoever has it has no intention of giving it back. I really lose hope in people sometimes. I'm sure all of you would return a lost item and that the people who took my card and phone aren't reading my blog. If you are those people....we aren't friends.


Also, I bought a new bag while shopping in Maryland that I love. I wish I hadn't ended up needing to buy a new cell phone the next day, but life happens, and this purse is darn cute. And it has a fox on it. Everything with animals on it, I swear. Which brings up the tee. I've had it for a year and it has never been on the blog? Shame on me. Everything with corgis on it.


jacket :: loft remixed
tee :: modcloth
skirt :: buttons via francesca's collections (similarremixed
belt :: vintage (similar) remixed
tights :: target remixed
boots :: love culture remixed
bag :: emma fox via nordstrom rack (similar)
earrings :: kate spade remixed
cuff :: target remixed
rings :: kiel mead forget me knot // modcloth remixed

I am not a big breakfast person. I like breakfast food, but chances are, if I am eating it, it's probably after 11am. But I do love eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes for all it's worth. So on this Sunday morning I wanted something with a smokey flavor, like I had cooked it in the grease from bacon. But I find bacon grease kind of disgusting when I have to cook with it, so I decided to make a completely vegetarian egg dish by using a few items in my pantry. (PS looking for other vegetarian recipes - I've got lots!)