Transitional Taco Recipe

I spent most of my life hating tacos. When my friends went to Chipotle, I would order tortillas with cheese.  Have I previously mentioned my years of being a picky eater? I haven't? Oh yeah, I didn't eat anything - including onions, tofu, or really, most things. Anyhow - I have come a long way, and I began eating tacos and other Mexican or Mexican-inspired dishes by creating them myself. So here is my recipe - which I make with either turkey or tofu!

Also - good luck figuring out which images are from the tofu and which are from the turkey. The hint - when I cooked the turkey ones I used onions and black olives, but when I made and photographed the tofu ones months later, I didn't have them around!

What You'll Need
1 Pound Ground turkey (93/7) or a solid block of extra firm tofu
Taco Seasoning (I like Lawry's & The Spice and Tea Exchange's)
Water (A bit!)
Onions optional
Black Olives optional
Light Sour Cream
Taco Mix Cheese Blend
Soft Whole Wheat Taco Shells
Olive Oil (For Onions or Tofu only)
Vegan Worcestershire Sauce (Tofu Only)
Soy Sauce (Tofu Only)

To crumble the tofu, take it from the block and crumble it with your hands or a knife. The image will hopefully help here.

First, if you are using onions, cook them in a small amount of olive oil and seasoned salt until translucent.

Start by warming your base. For tofu, warm 1 Tablespoon olive oil before putting into the pan. When the tofu hits the oil, add 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce and 1 Tablespoon soy sauce. For the turkey, simply brown the meat. Cook on medium heat.

If you are using turkey - drain your meat before! Sprinkle your base with 2 Tablespoons taco seasoning - I like to use a blend myself of the two. If you are onions add these in too! Add 2-5 teaspoons of water depending on your liking. I use only two as I find the cheese gives it a lot of texture.

Once browned a bit more, mix in the cheese! I like using a spoonful of sour cream, some Mexican or Taco blend cheese, and if possible - a bit of queso fresco cut up too! Melt these in. If you are using olives - add these in too!

Finally, put your taco mix into some warmed tortillas and voila! Tacos.


  1. oh my that looks far more appealing then anything at taco bell!

  2. yummy! these sound really yummy. I'm a sucker for tacos and all things mexican food related!


  3. Ooh these look yum! I've never had tofu in any food that's not Asian this is really interesting to me!

  4. This looks like a good simple recipe.

  5. OH! THis looks so good! I am officially starving!


  6. These look tasty! I'd have to try with corn shells since I'm not eating wheat. ;-)

  7. Yum! Can't wait to try this w/ the tofu!


  8. I was the SAME EXACT way! I didn't really eat Mexican food until my boyfriend got me into it about a year or two ago. The only thing I ate was tacos that my mom made. And even then, I'd only put lettuce, cheese, and beef in them. But then I finally had burritos and taquitos with beans and rice and whatnot and I've become obsessed. I love Chipotle!

    It's good to see that someone else likes to use turkey! It's just so much better to use than beef. Some people don't like it, but I bet they wouldn't know the difference since you season it, anyway!


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