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While my mom was in town visiting, we took a trip down to Gettysburg and drove the auto tour route while listening to a mix of civil war inspired songs on Pandora. Gettysburg is a really amazing place - all the rolling fields and trying to imagine thousands of people fighting on the land is really quite strange. The monuments erected all around are intricate pieces of art that seem to watch over the endless fields. I always feel a bit strange visiting places of war - I'm not quite sure how to act or write about them. So I'm going to stop myself on that note and show the pictures.
French onion soup at a little tavern in Gettysburg

sweater :: gap outlet
belt :: target remixed
heels :: steve madden via nordstrom rack remixed
squirrel bobby pin :: c/o sugarcookie
sunnies :: ray ban clubmasters remixed
necklace :: gift remixed
bracelets :: vintage & paris market remixed


  1. Gorgeous photos. War places are tough. It's hard to find the right words--if there even are any.

  2. Did your mom take the pictures? Tell her good job if she did because they are beautiful! I am really loving that fist one of you. So, fun fact: I went to Gettysburg College! I went there for my Freshman and part of my Sophomore year, so I know the town well. It definitely is eery and beautiful at the same time. As a side note, now I REALLY REALLY want french onion soup, that looks SO GOOD!
    Happy Friday to you!
    xo Hannah

  3. You look beautiful, I love that dress. What amazing pictures, historical sites are always amazing, especially places where war occurred. You're right, it's hard to write about though. I think the pictures did the talking for you just fine. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. I've always had trouble trying to explain what my visit to Auschwitz was like - there just isn't the words to describe the feeling and the atmosphere that that place now has. So I guess it's similar to Gettysburg - which is a place I want to visit some day.

  5. your hair clip is so sweet! I want one just like that!


  6. First, a hedgehog pin. Now a squirrel hairpin... too cute! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. this is the cutest outfit! That squirrel bobby pin is so whimsical :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  8. The squirrel bobby pin is the cutest thing ever!!!

  9. The place itself looks beautiful tho! I like how you paired the dress with cardigan and belt!

    I have visited several battle locations in Europe and it is actually quite scary to think about what has happened before at the exact same place you are standing. :o

  10. that's so cool! I very much want to visit there! Your trips are always so amazing! =D

  11. Lovely photos.

    I've been compiling a list of places in Pennsylvania that I want to visit now that I live here proper. I can't believe I didn't include Gettysburg.

  12. Cute hair pin. I love the yellow belt on your outfit.

    Looks like a neat place to visit.


  13. I love this outfit! and the photos are gorgeous :) xx

  14. This is SUCH a darling outfit! Love, love, love your classic printed dress and the cardigan, plus that bright pop of color with your yellow belt. How cute is your squirrel pin?! I also love your photography--very beautiful!

    With love from San Francisco, California,

  15. Wow! What a beautiful outfit! Lovvve that beautiful dress with the cardigan + belt, beautiful layering - totally a gorgeous look for Fall!
    BTW I LOVE your layout and design, the light blue water-colour background is beautiful.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  16. I had no idea the Gettysburg site is so beautiful! Makes me want to visit it :3 And I LOVE that squirrel hairpin!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. Wow, looks great - what a trip! My boyfriend and I are considering driving across America 'road trip' style in a couple of years. Do you have any tips of places we must visit? xx

  18. What a cute print on your dress!

  19. love the blog so much girl! keep it up!

    love, rach.

  20. Love these images. They have an interesting mood about them, it's good to let the picture do the talking!

  21. I have always longed to go to Gettysburg! My brothers and my parents have all been there and have told me so much about the great historical events there, but I've just longed to go to see for myself. Perhaps in the future. I should have gone there for my honeymoon but nooo we went to the Poconos and bored ourselves to death. haha. I adore your photos there, especially the first one which is so fitting for the history. Perhaps when I start teaching about the Civil War to my sons we'll take a vacation there.

  22. As a fellow gal with short hair I must say I love your squirrel bobby pin! Adorable!

  23. I used to live so close to there. It's quite a remarkable and haunting place, isn't it? I actually worked a mile off the battlefield and really enjoyed driving home through it on sunny days. As nerdy as it sounds I used to love to spot the monuments of the famous generals and such on horses and you could tell by the horses stance whether they were killed, injured, or unharmed. (I'm guessing that's old news to you though...ha). Really lovely photos yet again Katherine. The second to one is awesomely ghostly. Sounds like you are having quite the time with your mom! xo Marisa

  24. I love grey and black together!

    I like places that have a lot of history. That's why I enjoy living in New England. I've always wanted to travel to Pennsylvania. I'd like to see Philadelphia and Amish country and Hershey Park. I think Gettysburg would be really interesting to visit too. I love really old colonial towns. I love visiting places like Salem that are old and have a ton of interesting history to them.

  25. I haven't been to Gettysburg since I was in elementary school, it would be so interesting to go as an adult. I love your little squirrel clip!

  26. You look adorable, and these photos are amazing. The scenery is just beautiful. I've never been to Gettysburg, but I've always wanted to go.

  27. Amazing photos. It's hard to imagine the things that happened in those areas, it's almost haunting.

    xo Amber P.

  28. You seriously have the best dresses. I look forward to your updates all the time <3 I've never been to Gettysburg but it looks really beautiful!



    Southern (California) Belle

  29. That sounds like such a cool place to visit! I need to go there sometime. I really enjoy historic places and history in general. You looked so cute visiting Gettysburg too! I love your dress!

  30. Looks like so much fun and you are a stylish traveller =D
    Onion soup is 1 of my fav!! When I was in Paris last year, I almost had Onion Soup everyday!! =D

  31. Really beautiful pictures and outfit! :D You look cute!

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  32. Oh, this outfit is so heavenly! And I just love history! I would go crazy there taking photos and "ooohing" and "ahhing" everything! -Jessica

  33. I love your little squirrel hair pin!

  34. I love exploring historical places! And looking cute while doing it is always a bonus :)


  35. I love how gorgeous these photos are and i am dying to explore more historical landmarks such as these! The Gettysburg address has always been fascinating to me. You look adorable as always love :)

  36. The photos are gorgeous, and I love your dress. Although this was not my kind of place I love history and went there when I was younger. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  37. i just love your style!! its so quirky yet chic and classy at the same time!! if i put a squirrel clip in my hair i would look like a fool, but somehow you pull it off with such class!! we should meet up for coffee sometime in the future!

  38. I've never been there and never looked it up, so I'm glad you showed me! Your hairclip is super cute even though I don't even like squirrels!

  39. That dress has such an adorable print. You always seem to pick dresses I want to buy! Love the hair clip <3

  40. I am not a history buff by any means...well American history. It just depends on what it is ahha. I love Marie Antoinette and females in history. But I bet this was cool to see. and you look adorable as always!

  41. Wow, what a gorgeous place!

    Love that adorable clip in your hair!


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