uh, how did you pronounce that again?

So my friend Kayla and I ventured out on a rainy Monday to visit Bube's Brewery and have a bite to eat. Well, we got a lot more than that, but let me step back a second. So Bube's (which we heard the waitress pronounce 'boobies' then others say 'boobs' but I think we kept saying 'bew-ebs' to not make this as awkward!) is a really neat place that was on Ghost Hunters and has the most intriguing interior and cutest exterior ever. We got to enjoy soups and Hammond's pretzels (nab some for yourself in my giveaway!) and a beer, of course, after work. Great way to end a Monday.

Beer at Dinner @ Bube'sFrench Onion Soup & Hammond's PretzelsBube's BreweryBube's Brewery

Kayla was sweet enough to stand out in the rain to snap some shots of me before we ate too!

So then something strange happened. We were wandering around the place taking photos when this girl came up and asked if we would be extras in a movie. Honestly, I don't know much about what the movie was about, other than it reminded me of some of the scenes from Buffy only actually scarier because their evil queen was a really intense actor (meaning good). Anyhow, it was a strange experience for sure, so I creepily snapped a shot of the behind the scenes for you guys. If I ever find out it comes out, I'll try and share it with you guys. I'm pretty sure my nose and Kiel Mead ring may appear and that's all, so don't expect much!

Filming at Bube'sBube's BreweryBube's Brewery
sweater : target remixed
loafers : target remixed
belt : target remixed
necklace : target (similarremixed
bag : hobo via modcloth remixed
ring : kiel mead forget me knot remixed
bow : free people c/o a gift card from icing & write
earrings : target (similarremixed


  1. Well that's a strange experience haha. And wow, that looks like such a creepy place to eat :p But definitely intriguing!

  2. Wow that looks like such a neat place to dine! I love experiencing out of the ordinary places, and this would definitely count as one. Love the photo of you in front of the barn door too, the teal and yellow together are a great color combination!


  3. Woah...what an amazing restaurant. That looks so cool! I wish I knew of a place like that near here. :)
    You look beautiful, as always - I really like seeing yellow in outfits. ^^

  4. What a cool Monday evening! I think I would pronounce that place "Bubba's" Great bracelet!

  5. Great pics! Love your bracelet :)

  6. That place looks amazing! I could go for some beer and pretzels right now!

  7. You look just darling. Love all of your pictures.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
    I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog. Please stop by and enter. Giveaway

  8. looks like such a fun, cozy hangout! and what a great colour combo:)

  9. That looks like such a fun place! Now I want some pretzels. I love the dress you wore!


  10. Nice pictures- iLOVE your manicure!!

  11. you are totally going to be famous! I love checking out quirky brew pubs... and this like quite the awesome joint!


  12. Looks like such a fun night, that's so funny that you ended up being extras in a movie! Aren't friends who help with outfit pictures the best? Also, I was THIS close to buying those loafers from Target and I'm so sad I didn't now. So cute.


  13. What a gorgeous/cool place!! Sounds like an interesting time :)

  14. Wow what a cool place! And those pretzels look AMAZING!


  15. It's a pretty random night out where you get pulled into being in a film all of sudden! I love the old stone walls look of the brewery.


  16. That looks such a lovely little place for a drink. Reminds me of some of the bars we drank in in Krakow - in old cellars underground. There was even a nightclub in a place like that which was pretty much a maze and certainly an experience!

  17. Such a random experience! So funny. That place looks really cozy, great for fall and winter.

  18. That is so fun and random! I love it! That place looks awesome.

  19. What a blast. I was expecting you to say you'd seen a ghost! LOL


  20. Maria@Cardigan_CrewAugust 27, 2012 at 10:55 AM

    These pics are awesome, looks like you had a great time! Love the pic of you against the yellow wall.

  21. Love that green dress! Great pics!

  22. What a great story!! I went out to dinner and that started my movie career! LOL! Fantastic!

  23. Ha, that's such a random thing! I hope the movie comes out and you're able to see yourself in it - that's so funny. I also stared at the word 'Bube's' for a minute before I read on...I had no idea how to pronounce it either!

  24. Uuuuh that's EXCITING! I want to see you in a movie!!! The locale looks really amazing, would totally love to stop by for drinks and pretzels.

    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  25. Can I come move to PA?! Well I have done that already, but I am in LOVE with this area, you always find the neatest places! Those pictures came out really cool! :)


  26. Aww Bube is such a cute place, love the interior and exterior. I love the shot of you outside. Your teal and yellow outfit blends perfectly with their cute colorful wall. Nothing beats a glass of bear to beat the Monday Blues. Sure dear, you can use my pics. Im extremely honoured that you use it for your tumblr. Thanks for linking back.


  27. That is SO awesome that you were an extra! This sounds like the coolest place ever.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. That's wild! Just wait -- the movie will come out and it will have been so intensely edited that you are now THE STAR. The director would be a fool to not utilize your star power. :)

  29. YES the name of that place is awkward!!! I was never in the basement or the "Catacombs", I think that what they call it.

    I was trying to reply to your comment about the photobooth pictures but Disquis is not letting me. ---Sadly I haven't found a machine real close to Hburg. We go to Ocean City, MD and a couple are from there like this years. I did find a photo booth at Knoebels Amusement Park. It's a cute little park that is pay by the ride and it is north of Harrisburg.

  30. Oh man your blog is so lovely-- it's so fun to see all of the photos of where you've been and have been going, I need to start incorporating more of stuff like that. LOVE!

    xx Missywww.myconcretecatwalk.com

  31. ahhh i enjoyed this! the dogs are wayyyyy tooo cute :D and your dress is sooooo pretty!

    have a lovely day!

  32. What an incredibly fun place, with an incredibly awkward name :-)!!! Looks like a fun "date" to me! Just happened upon your blog today, and sure had a fun visit. ADORE your pups! They are just too cute - we've got two rescue/companion dogs too (Bichon Frises) - Hope your day has been a great one so far!

  33. what a cool place! very harry potter esque in my mind. butter beer anyone?

    xoxo jess

    Dog Problems

  34. I love these two colors together and I like the photo in front of the door & you match it!

    Also that's so awesome! I hope the movie comes out just so I can see you!

  35. Oh, how exciting! You are brave to be an extra! I don't like being in front of a live camera! Also, these pictures are so amazing! I love the one of you walking down the stairs! I swear I wish I could swap dresses with you, but you are tiny! -Jessica L

  36. MMM pretzels are my absolute fav-- meaning I'm drooling now. Haha!
    Oh my gosh how exciting and random! I'm totally sure that they picked you to be an extra because of your mega adorableness and besides- you're a stylish blogger!! How perfect right? hehe.


  37. even if your nose doesn't make the cut that must have been pretty fun to be an extra. that place looks amazing, so creepy but fun! you look so pretty in that cute little number. love the color combo, esp against the wall.

  38. So cool! xD even if it's just your nose, it's still your nose! That is really cool! ahahahah


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