The Party of the Summer

The Party of the Summer

I excel in the art of being incredibly awkward. I'm going to call it quirky because I have learned to embrace rather than deny my personality. Which basically means I'm the girl laying her giant camera on the stairs and posing - actually, more comfortably in that situation than in the event with people. I had a great opportunity to attend another event in central Pennsylvania hosted by Susquehanna Style. The previous event I had my friend to hang off of, but now that she has a great position with them, I had to be on my own. So mostly I focused on taking photos, trying to eat food, and mostly, texting my husband because obviously that makes me being a loner better. Eventually I did meet a new friend and became more comfortable, but I am always so initially petrified of people.

The Party of the Summer
The March Issue
The Awkward One
Sandwich & Mini Beet Soup Table Set up
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You wanna know how I picked this outfit? I spent a bit with Jason, my husband,  on Skype sending links back and forth from outfits on my blog. This is yet another Jason chosen dress. When we met in Athens, we went to a few shops, and in this one, I was in love with this print yellow dress and Jason had me try on this one. Of course, his worked, mine didn't. I also wore this dress on our anniversary!

The Party of the SummerThe Party of the SummerThe Party of the Summer

dress : ezra via pitaya (similarremixed
belt : thrifted? (and technically remixed as it's all over my flickr, but never on the blog?!) (similar)
heels : steve madden via nordstom rack remixed
headband : free people c/o a gift card from icing & write
necklace : tiffany remixed
bracelet : vintage via atomic warehouse
ring : sanrio surprises remixed
bag : foley + corinna remixed

ALSO! Winner of the oh! the food you will eat giveaway is.....

And I switched back to Blogger comments. I'm tired of Disqus putting some of my favorite girls into spam, and last night Jessica of the Midwest Muse let me know it had been giving her Captchas. If you ever see a Captcha pop up (which you really shouldn't -I test on my account and an anonymous account to try and make sure!) tweet me at @kitkathrn so I can figure out why that's happening!


  1. youre petrified of people?!?! i would have NEVER guessed that from your fantastic blog.

    and that outfit. can you just come pick out all of mine? i need some tips lol

  2. Your hubs has fab taste! Loving this dress. And it's okay to be a loner and not super social...that's what makes us all unique and the world go round. If we were all the same, life would be soooooo boring and miserable! ;) Sounds like a really fun event!!!

  3. I'm EXACTLY like you...I am incredibly socially awkward at events and usually just wander around smiling aimlessly. Anyway, you look adorable! I love the story of the dress :)

  4. I'm totally with you on the difficulty in approaching new people. Usually I find myself going straight to the bar to calm my nerves.

    Great photos!


  5. Cute dress!

    xo Jennifer

  6. Just found your blog....looks like such a fun time! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I can totally relate to both being petrified of people AND my husband having better women's fashion sense that myself.

    Loved your photos, dress, and accessories AND I'm glad you don't let your initial lonerism (new word!) prevent you from attending events in the first place :)

  8. Yey for the mention :D Can't wait to get the food goodies.

    I love that dress - really cute especially with that gorgeous shot of the red from the belt!

  9. This dress is so good on you and I love the setting. Your photos have been extra amazing lately. I wish I had your skills.

    Also I wish we were in the same place because that's how I act at events too! I'm the worst at socializing.

  10. Your hubby has great style! This dress looks so cute on you. I love the red belt too. I'm actually painfully shy in certain social situations and I admire your bravery going out there by yourself :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. Loving the dots! And really love all of your ulra girly fem poses. I can't do that! It just looks silly on me, lol! But you look fantastic!

  12. I'm the same way in situations like that!

  13. First of all, great outfit. I love your style. :)
    second, I totally know what you mean about rockin' the awkward. I am so shy and can barely talk to people when I'm out in public. I'm not much for parties because I have no clue how to act, haha.
    xo Mandy

  14. Your man has good taste :] That dress is so darn pretty on you!! I am quite possibly the most awkward person, haha, so I know how it is. Good for you getting out and about though. I would have been too anxious probably to even go. It looks like it was a fun time.

  15. Love your dress and your boldness. I am super shy, I don't know if I could take photos in such a public place. I am currently trying to get the strength to even do outfit photos in my own backyard! Hehe

    ♥ Em

  16. I loveeee your headband and this dress is gorgeous on you! Whenever I'm alone and I feel awkward I always text my husband too :)


  17. You were a perfectly dressed "loner", and, believe it or not, I actually like doing lots of things alone! It doesn't bother me at all. I also prefer to take my own outfit photos as well. I don't like bother people. But I do have to become better at it. If I could only get better with using my DSLR! -Jessica L

  18. I love your dress and also the location of this outfit post. You look beautiful.
    Almost Endearing

  19. Great post !

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  20. Oh what a nice dress, I love myself a good polkadot :)

  21. I think it's really brave to go to an event by yourself! Yay! Go You! I'm a pretty social person but big groups of new people terrify me :) haha!

    And that dress looks great on you!

  22. you look fabulous! great dress!


  23. This looks like an awesome event! I love your dress too. Glad to see your back to blogger comments. I feel like they are so much easier than disqus.

  24. "texting my husband because obviously that makes me being a loner better" ---I do that too! haha it does make it better. :)
    "I excel in the art of being incredibly awkward. I'm going to call it quirky because I have learned to embrace rather than deny my personality" ----I'm there with you on that one too!

    Jason did good on picking this dress. It's lovely on you! He has a good eye.
    You looked beautiful.

  25. You look beautiful. I'm not much for attending events alone either.

  26. I would most definitely say that I am an incredibly socially awkward person when I am alone. I feel so crazy trying to take outfit photos in my backyard, becoming immensely embarrassed if a neighbor or two passes by and catches me. so, good for you for venturing out and being brave! when I do something alone I just have to think to myself "i'm not the only one who's alone here." :) You look absolutely gorgeous and Jason has a great eye for style! ;)


  27. you look so cute!! love that dress and how you styled it up!


  28. Your pretty pretty pretty polka dots are amazing! Looks like a fun place for pics.

    <3 Cambria

  29. I would be the same exact way at an event like this. I always text too to look busy, but sometimes I wish that wasn't even an option so I would be forced to go outside my comfort zone! Your dress is beautiful and good for you making a new friend :)
    Hope you're having a lovely day!
    xo Hannah

  30. I like seeing you in this outfit. Looks fun and I've always thought polka dots are just fun!! You look gorgeous!!

  31. Ah, I have been wanting to make the switch back too, but every time I try, i can't get my disqus comments to sync with my blogger comments and I can't risk losing it all! Bah! I will try it again.

    Also, I love your dress, and this seems like a great event! At least you go to events alone! I'm terrified of it for some reason. I'm incredibly awkward/weird/quiet, etc and I just am terrified of talking to people for the most part! I'm glad that you found a friend at least! I need to work on my social skills, and venture out alone more! I don't know why it's so scary to be alone!

  32. I am totally with you on the awkward thing. That's why I hide behind the internet. I'm glad you found a friend though! And you're going to be uncomfortable, at least you looked awesome! Your husband has the best taste.

  33. I love love love polka dot :)
    amazing post!!

  34. Me too! Me too! Ahhhh last year I went to the new York blogged picnic and it just about killed me.

  35. I feel the same way about initially being petrified by people....ha! I swear it's a blogger thing! But seriously,
    love these photos - I think you've mastered the whole photos in front of strangers bit. Not to mention - great outfit choice. Your hubs has a keen eye for style ;) Completely loving on your little accessories too!

    One of these days I want to make it to one of these events!

    <3 Marisa

  36. I love how you write your post dear, very entertaining and never fail to put a smile on my face. Love this dress, I think your hubby pick the right one. It fits you perfectly. The prints are quirky and whimsical and love the red belt. Thank you for the lovely comments dear! You made my day =)

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