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I'm jetting down to Florida yet again, but this time it's a bit different! Jason and I were supposed to go to Disney in June, but due to changes in his schedule, we ended up spending our anniversary in Pennsylvania. A ticket change and almost 3 months later, we are visiting Disney again! I'll be coming back with lots of photos and some outfits inspired by Vitia13's DeviantArt sketch above of Disney princesses as fashion bloggers. Gotta love it!

While I'm gone, I've got awesome Disney inspired guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers for you. I'm really excited for them so keep reading this weekend.
Your hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memory

Every time I drive into Cincinnati my weekend flies by and I end up back at home on Sunday night wandering where all the time goes. The driving is long, added up it's 14 hours of my weekend dedicated to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania turning into flat Ohio. But it's always worth it for some delicious eats, time with my family and friends, and the feeling of having everything at my fingertips. I accomplished a lot this weekend - a vet visit, a car wash, getting myself some superfruit sangria, and seeing my friend Anna for the first time in a long while. Teemo even got to hang out at a bar and get tons of love - he's such a proper young lad.

The RookwoodThe RookwoodThe RookwoodThe RookwoodThe Rookwood

The Rookwood was delicious and just felt like I could hang around here snapping away photos forever. It's in an old Rookwood pottery place so it has a lot of great Cincinnati history and an amazing view of the city. My friends have learned to deal with me spilling water and taking photos of strangers that look like my husband.

Your hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memoryYour hills are like a memory
sweater : j crew outlet
dress : target (similar) remixed
sandals : seychelles remixed
tote : calypso st barth for target (similar)
hat : target remixed
pin : vintage via atomic warehouse
necklace : j crew outlet remixed
belt : forever 21 (similarremixed
bracelet : free people & forever 21
ring :: kiel mead forget me knot remixed

So Jessica of the Midwest Muse asked how I take all my gear along with me awhile ago. I fly often and do not check bags, so indeed, it has been an interesting challenge. But here's how it goes.

one. find 'the' bag.
For traveling, I use one of three bags. I do have a camera backpack, but what use is that when I need to have my iPad & other things in there too. Here are the bags I use.

Traveling Bags
ultralite backpack -- i designed this product

two. neoprene camera case
I strongly suggest investing a few dollars into a neoprene case like this one for your camera. I always carry my camera with the 50mm attached and my Tokina 16-28mm unattached because the thing is giant with the Tokina attached to it.

Neoprene Camera Case

three. pack it all.
Now, I will say, a camera backpack is more protective. They are also huge pain. I like mine for padding (my husband will hate me for this post, by the way, because he is still appalled by me not putting my camera in my camera backpack.) But...every time I want something he has to take it off and access it from the back. It's an ordeal. And once a kid climbed on our backpack at Disney. Not okay, parents of that kid, my thousand dollar camera isn't a thing for your kid to climb on while I'm eating dinner. For traveling, I need a bag I can put my iPad, wallet, sunnies, snacks, and other things in. Here's my bag unpacked for traveling.

What's in my Bag : Flying
four. the tripod!
Oh yeah! You want to bring a tripod, don't you? About that... it's not going to fit in your backpack/messenger/purse, sorry. So jam it in your carry on! Here's what mine looks like diagonally in it's suitcase. (I swear it does close. Also. Here's what is coming with me to Florida on Friday!)

Suitcase with Tripod

five. the purse.
Also, on trips like this, I bring a purse large enough to hold my camera and lens. These are my four purses I swear by because not only are they awesome and stylish, they can act as a camera bag.

Purses that Fit a Camera
doctor q grovee bag by marc by marc jacobs // hobo faux sure bag from modcloth

I can really highly suggest the two valhalla brooklyn bags. The Marc Jacobs one works, but it's a endless bucket of a purse and isn't as easy to carry as the Valhalla Brooklyn bags. Her bags are all handmade from lovely leathers with a Japanese cotton interior. Both of mine have a wave print I seem to fall for easily. These bags can go though anything. I take mine everywhere.
The Party of the Summer

I excel in the art of being incredibly awkward. I'm going to call it quirky because I have learned to embrace rather than deny my personality. Which basically means I'm the girl laying her giant camera on the stairs and posing - actually, more comfortably in that situation than in the event with people. I had a great opportunity to attend another event in central Pennsylvania hosted by Susquehanna Style. The previous event I had my friend to hang off of, but now that she has a great position with them, I had to be on my own. So mostly I focused on taking photos, trying to eat food, and mostly, texting my husband because obviously that makes me being a loner better. Eventually I did meet a new friend and became more comfortable, but I am always so initially petrified of people.

The Party of the Summer
The March Issue
The Awkward One
Sandwich & Mini Beet Soup Table Set up
Rings & ThingsSusquehanna Style Party of the SummerSnakes

You wanna know how I picked this outfit? I spent a bit with Jason, my husband,  on Skype sending links back and forth from outfits on my blog. This is yet another Jason chosen dress. When we met in Athens, we went to a few shops, and in this one, I was in love with this print yellow dress and Jason had me try on this one. Of course, his worked, mine didn't. I also wore this dress on our anniversary!

The Party of the SummerThe Party of the SummerThe Party of the Summer

dress : ezra via pitaya (similarremixed
belt : thrifted? (and technically remixed as it's all over my flickr, but never on the blog?!) (similar)
heels : steve madden via nordstom rack remixed
headband : free people c/o a gift card from icing & write
necklace : tiffany remixed
bracelet : vintage via atomic warehouse
ring : sanrio surprises remixed
bag : foley + corinna remixed

ALSO! Winner of the oh! the food you will eat giveaway is.....

And I switched back to Blogger comments. I'm tired of Disqus putting some of my favorite girls into spam, and last night Jessica of the Midwest Muse let me know it had been giving her Captchas. If you ever see a Captcha pop up (which you really shouldn't -I test on my account and an anonymous account to try and make sure!) tweet me at @kitkathrn so I can figure out why that's happening!

It's been a good year for England, and therefore a good year for corgis. The Jubilee and the Olympics both brought the queens adorable corgis into the spotlight and caused many companies to produce a smattering of corgi themed items. Which makes me incredibly happy.

Then I found out a hotel in Great Britain was producing a Corgi cocktail and I knew I had to recreate it, you know, without tasting it. So here's my twist on the corgi cocktails. It's kind of like Teemo. He's not a real corgi, but he's a twist on one, and I think he's pretty darn cute.

The Corgi Cocktail
Just mix a corgi into your cocktail! No. Just Kidding. 

Also this is a cocktail for an adult human. Not dogs. Do not feed this to your dog. Instead, give him/her/them a berry while you make yourself a drink
So my friend Kayla and I ventured out on a rainy Monday to visit Bube's Brewery and have a bite to eat. Well, we got a lot more than that, but let me step back a second. So Bube's (which we heard the waitress pronounce 'boobies' then others say 'boobs' but I think we kept saying 'bew-ebs' to not make this as awkward!) is a really neat place that was on Ghost Hunters and has the most intriguing interior and cutest exterior ever. We got to enjoy soups and Hammond's pretzels (nab some for yourself in my giveaway!) and a beer, of course, after work. Great way to end a Monday.

Beer at Dinner @ Bube'sFrench Onion Soup & Hammond's PretzelsBube's BreweryBube's Brewery

Kayla was sweet enough to stand out in the rain to snap some shots of me before we ate too!

So then something strange happened. We were wandering around the place taking photos when this girl came up and asked if we would be extras in a movie. Honestly, I don't know much about what the movie was about, other than it reminded me of some of the scenes from Buffy only actually scarier because their evil queen was a really intense actor (meaning good). Anyhow, it was a strange experience for sure, so I creepily snapped a shot of the behind the scenes for you guys. If I ever find out it comes out, I'll try and share it with you guys. I'm pretty sure my nose and Kiel Mead ring may appear and that's all, so don't expect much!

Filming at Bube'sBube's BreweryBube's Brewery
sweater : target remixed
loafers : target remixed
belt : target remixed
necklace : target (similarremixed
bag : hobo via modcloth remixed
ring : kiel mead forget me knot remixed
bow : free people c/o a gift card from icing & write
earrings : target (similarremixed