Adopting Dogs & Teemo's Story

the teemo! 

 I thought it was about time I wrote a little about how Teemo & I came to be together and adopting a pup. Teemo is from a humane society located a north of where Jason and I lived in Cincinnati at the time. I found him on Petfinder while looking for possible foster dogs! Here are some tips on finding the perfect dog based off of how we came about getting Teemo.

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one. Adopt!
Seriously, please, I beg you, adopt. You can even find pure bred rescues to adopt from. You can get a puppy. But there are tons of dogs out there who are in need of a home. Many mutts actually have better health and amazing personalities. Plus, you get to save something in need. It's an awesome feeling, let me tell you. I use to find my pets - even my guinea pigs! Many rescues let you foster the dog for a few weeks to try the pet out in your home. You can even search by breed - Teemo struck me as the cutest, biggest ear corgi mix I had ever seen.

me & the teems
teemo only loves and tolerates me so much. that's normal.

two. Meet & Greet
Many shelters and rescues allow you to meet the dog in a closed room or take it out for a walk. When we were looking at Teemo, I took him for a short walk, then we went in a closed room with some toys, treats, and just us so we could get to know him a bit.

the bad ones

three. Don't judge on size alone.
Small dogs can be the craziest, most aggressive, and annoying things. Pit bulls can be the laziest sweet things ever. Dogs personalities are all over the place, so judge on personality, not on size. When I first saw Teemo, he was a 21 pound little mutt and I just laughed, because while he was cute, I didn't think a 20 pound dog would ever be able to hold his own against my 50+ pound rough and tumble basset mix. I was totally and utterly wrong. I underestimated the power of agility and speed versus weight and strength.

Pawsabilities 2012

four. Be prepared.
Be sure to have a crate, collar, lead, food bowls, and other things before you adopt. Because we were fostering, we already had this ready to go when we got Teemo. Also. Dogs are expensive. Seriously. You never know what is going to happen. Teemo has been relatively great in terms of expenses, requiring nothing out of the ordinary. Except that one time he got really sick and we took him to the emergency vet and he was having seizures. There was that. Like I said, be prepared. For anything.

this is why i can't go to the small dog park

five. Know what a 'normal' dog is
Normal dogs bark. And accidentally pee on your carpet. And don't sit and roll over on command. That requires training. And some dogs are stubborn. There is an awesome article on it here. Teemo was actually being adopted when we first called about him, and I called back, and he had been adopted! The next day I saw him still up on Petfinder, and I had my husband call and ask on the chance they had been wrong and told me the wrong dog had been adopted. He had indeed been adopted - but on the drive home, the woman saw his super 'vicious' bark and returned him because she thought he was vicious. By the way, it should be noted, that not a single one of Teemo's barks is anything but laughable. He most makes a sound that sounds like 'bof' or a baroo.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! My pets are rescues, too. One of my favorite bumper stickers says, "Who rescued who?" Petfinder is an excellent website!

  2. So glad you shared this! My husband and I are going to be looking into adopting a dog at the end of this year. I can't wait! I definitely agree that adopting is the way to go. We really hope we can find a corgi!


  3. thanks for sharing all of this! I'm not at a point yet where I am able to adopt a dog, but once I get my own place, I'm doing that, for sure! Teemo is adorable - are you guys still fostering him or have you adopted him?

    ♥ xixia |

  4. Natasha BoydstonJuly 21, 2012 at 6:47 PM

    This is such a great read!! I can't say enough good things about adoption (after all, that's how I got my Maggie), and you make so many great points! Especially the last one. I can't tell you how many people I know would call me because they were thinking of returning their pets because they had "vicious tendencies" only for me to tell them, "No. They're just being a dog." There was one particularly annoying woman, a friend of a friend, who kept giving up her animals and then a month later, complaining about being lonely and thinking of adopting another. Ugh.

    But anyway, enough of her. You're an inspiration and little Teemo is absolutely adorable! <3

  5. what a cute puppy! and a great post:) I didn't adopted my dog but I got him as he was a baby and now hes already 10 !

  6. Awww, I love this! I adopted Stella and I am so glad I did. She's a pit bull mix, but she is the sweetest puppy ever! And she has much energy I can take her on long hikes and runs! While I did not adopt my first two dogs, because I love the Jack Russell termperament, I think all my next dogs will be adopted....You're right: there are too many that need homes! -Jessica

  7. it's awesome you adopted a dog! i dont have a dog but always wanted to have one. these are some great tips, especially with the "don't judge the size". i know what you mean~ some of my friends tell me that the dog/or cat change personality when they go home (can become more aggressive lol).

    keep in touch :)

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  8. My family tried to adopt a couple of years ago after our golden retriever passed away. We really just wanted another dog, and rushed into picking the cutest one we found. Unfortunately the dog had a lot of behavioral issues, and ended up actually having something mentally wrong with it. I agree adopting is the best option, but don't rush into getting a pup just because he's cute! Meet and greets are definitely a good idea!
    xo Heather

  9. I couldn't agree more with you about adopting [although we've adopted cats rather then their dog friends]. I think it's so important to be able to give another animal a chance of having a decent, loving home. We've been lucky in getting some really amazing kitties, full of personality and wanting to give some love. Although we did have one issue with the last kitty we adopted - ideally we were looking for a male because we already have a female and picked out one cute Russian Gray male. Took said cat to our normal vets who then declares said kitty is female and not neutered which the shelter had declared he/she was. So we had a nightmare time communicating between the vets and the shelter. Either way we love her regardless of the sex but you'd of though the vets working with the shelter would have got that basic element correct! I know one day we'll get a dog and we'll certainly be looking at getting one through an animal shelter.

  10. Aww..they're so so cute! My bf and I love to adopt a pet but we both travel alot so we don't want to be irresponsible "parents" to our pet/s. Maybe someday we will. I have issues with saying goodbye though. I had cats before and it was hard to see them leave in the end =(

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  11. I love this story. I was so happy when I adopted Arnold. I remember sitting in the playroom with him and his brother. It was heartbreaking not being able to take both of them home. I also agree that adopting is the best way to go. I can't wait to adopt more pets in the future!

  12. SO precious! We adopted our little pup, too. Best decision ever, we couldn't have chosen a better addition to our family. Love your story! Quite humorous about his bark! And, he is adorable :)

  13. I know a thing or 2 about stubborn dogs! Frankie is one stubborn sausage dog but the cutest little thing even when she is being bad.

  14. Awesome story and tips! I had a shelter dog and she was the best. I love the adoption program.

  15. YES! ADOPTING IS WONDERFUL!!! I adopted my pup, Marly. Mixes are also great because then you hopefully get the best parts from a few breeds. Teemo is adorable and I love his ears!

  16. blytheponytailparadesJuly 24, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    Awww what a sweet baby. Hahaha I know what you mean. Our dog's barks are vicious only to her. She thinks she's so tough ;)

  17. very smart, and thank you for this!


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