'cause blue skies are calling

I don't make friends in a normal way. There isn't a single one of my friends that when asked how I met them, we don't exchange strange looks before we blurt out an answer. I ran up to one girl at a concert and said 'I'm your friend on Myspace' then ran away. Yeah, Myspace - remember that? And yes, we're still friends. My maid of honor is the girlfriend of one of my ex-boyfriends, who we both kind of met through Myspace. I met another friend because I was knitting and we were waiting for a class outside in a hallway and we discussed how we don't like people. My only friend I have made outside of work here in Harrisburg I met on Yelp because she posted about moving to Harrisburg, being my age, and needing to find a cool place to live. And then I messaged her to come get a drink with me because i'm just creepy like that.

Cause blue skies are calling

Cause blue skies are calling

And yes, I believe if you live in an 8 hour radius of me, or somewhere in Florida, I totally think we should meet up. This is how I've been since before meeting people on the internet was cool and okay. Heck, I'm still anticipating the day I meet up with my friend Lena, who lives in Portugal.

Cause blue skies are calling

Cause blue skies are calling

Cause blue skies are calling

This outfit is a representation of 'I'm gunna wear sequins to work today because I can' and 'I'm going out on the town tonight' and by the town, I mean with my girl friend from Yelp, and to the only bar I go to. I'm home by like 9pm.

Cause blue skies are callingCause blue skies are calling

Cause blue skies are calling
sweater : gap outlet
top : loomstate for target (similar) remixed
skirt : gap (similar) remixed
belt : a'gaci remixed
flats : j crew outlet remixed
necklace : anthropologie remixed
headband : gift from lena
bracelets : nordstrom & kate spade remixed
earrings : c/o anjolee remixed


  1. Did you get partially undressed to photograph your accessories on that bench?! I enjoyed these snippets of how you met your friends because I have a few odd stories myself: one friend I met through match.com in the olden days when you could just search for a friend. Two friends I was immediately rude to when we met because I knew already I was going to like them and be friends so I just assumed they would be cool with that? Anyway, you look super cute in your sequin skirt! Hope you have a great weekend

  2. i like the colbat blue accents in this outfit

  3. Love that bracelet combo! Happy Weekend xx

  4. ahaha! i did take my belt and shoes off - but i admit, i love this belt, but whenever i wear it, it falls off! so it had already just fallen off by this point in time. and i'm glad i'm not the only one who makes friends in weird ways!

  5. Hey there! Followed you over here from Kim's A Very Sweet Blog from our Margarita Bloom review! Just wanted to say Hiya! and thanks for the sweet words about our potions! So lovely to meet you! Feel free to stop by our blog to say hello anytime! You're always welcome!

    Heehee, it's amazing what great friends you can make up here at facebook, myspace, twitter and the such!

    Kisses, Regina
    Retro Vintage Beauty & Skincare

  6. Gorgeous look!
    Love that skirt!


  7. i wish i had friends that i met in cool ways and over the internet. i guess as i dive deeper into the blogging world i'll make some :) talking about how you don't like people is a great way to make friends. then you could not like people together, you know? haha. friend made. bam.

  8. you can perfectly wear sequins to work like this, I love your skirt!

    xxx Anita

  9. Absolutely adorable and inspiring once again! Those bracelets are so cute- and Kate Spade jewelry is currently one of my favorites...-Jessica


  10. It's great that ou and your friends have interesting stories of how you met! Loving the blue accents here...especially those chevron bracelets.


  11. Ha-ha I enjoy hearing how you meet your friends. I like Yelp and reading the bad reviews and checking out who gave the bad review. Sometimes its justified, but other times you see how many bad reviews they have given and you know they just like to complain about everything.

    I love this outfit btw! I want that skirt!


  12. Haha! You creeper you! J/k. I actually met my husband online so I know how it feels to become friends with someone through a computer! :) And I absolutely looveee your skirt! Anything shiny and sequins and I'm like a moth to a flame. You look so pretty! Have fun with your girl friend! <3


  13. I always thought silver and blue were for Christmas only, but your look is super chic for a regular day. :) Love that story about your meeting friends. I'm not as bold. :D

  14. hannah @ The Braided BanditJuly 16, 2012 at 2:37 PM

    You look adorable, I love the pops of blue you added to the outfit! Also, I laughed reading how you make friends. But seriously I dont think its weird at all, the internet makes so many more things normal and acceptable! I met my boyfriend when I was new to Colorado two years ago by going to a bar trivia night through meetup.com! You totally have to utilize yelp and social media sites like that if you're new to an area!
    Anyway, hope you are having a beautiful start to your week!
    xo Hannah

  15. i make friends the weird way too. a lot of them i've made online and then met in real life. www.andibgoode.com stayed with me in 2006!
    so i obviously think you're awesome. that top is kind of perfect. and those bracelets!

  16. Ahaha! I love you! xD I'm also anticipating that day! And I'm sure it'll happen! You look really really cute with that outfit! Loooooove the bracelets!


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