Of Relaxing

You know those days where things just don't go well? Well I have had one of those days. Maybe one of those months. I dunno. Anyhow, I was determined to come home, cuddle Teemo, and relax. So I want to share with you how I relax after a long day.


Taking a walk with Teemo and getting a package from my dear friend Megan. Her wedding is next weekend  and her bachelorette party is this weekend!


Delicious sea salt dark chocolate caramels and a nice glass of Riesling!


Teemo got a bone! And my I did my nails in a nice spring color manicure!

I love online shopping and looking at my blogs on my iPad. Commenting or buying is a pain, so I just browse.

I dyed my hair! And the cut is coming soon.

Hart of Dixie is my ultimate favorite for relaxation nights. I love Rachel Bilson in it.

What do you do to relax after a rough day? 


  1. I def. feel you on having one of those days... well weeks for me I guess. Just have felt OFF! Probably since I'm in the middle of finals and just want to be done!! At least you have the cutest little doggy to help you out during tough days :)


  2. In case you don't get notifications...Annabel Lee on myspace is actually a friend of mine. She's in a few touring bands and a roommate of my best friend...small world. She's still around. Still amazing hair, still amazing style. So, you were so right! I've known her for years.

    And Um, I love hart of dixie.

  3. Sea salt chocolate caramels sound like a fabulous way to unwind! I could use some of that right now!

  4. Sea salt chocolate caramels sound like a fabulous way to unwind! I could use some of that right now!

  5. Riesling and chocolate is the PERFECT way to unwind...and I LOVE browsing on the iPad :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Your hair looks cute! Love the color.

    I agree, dark chocolate and wine is the perfect way to relax :)

  7. Your hair looks so cute! Have a great weekend!!!


  8. I have tons of crummy days, where it seems like everything goes wrong, I just try to remind myself that at least I'm getting it all out of the way in 1 day, right?! I love taking a nice long lavender and epsom salt bath while listening to the sound of music soundtrack (and maybe singing along at the top of my lungs-just maybe though)....anyways, maybe entering the giveaway on my blog will make your day better! It's for a $30 giftcard to Superstition Vintage! Free things always make you feel better right?! Have an awesome weekend! Xo Lori


  9. On a rough day, I like to be creative, and make some sort of art. It really helps put my mind at ease. I also crank up the Black Keys. I love your new hair color and you adorable manicure! Also, I know how you feel about having one of those months... haha


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