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 I have been buying Nulo for Raynor since they ran their own shipping from their site. When I first heard of Nulo, I was more than excited. One of Raynor's allergies is storage mites - which are essentially dust mites. The way most dog food is manufactured and packaged (those paper bags that are not really 'sealed' and sit in stores for a long time) is a problem because they have tons of storage mites. Raynor cannot eat normal kibble without terrible allergic reactions. For most dogs, by the way, this isn't a problem. At all. Teemo eats normal kibble (California that normal).

Anyhow, Nulo is different. It is manufactured in the USA and immediately put into vacuum sealed plastic bags. Raynor loves this stuff too - plus her coat is beautiful and soft. It comes in three flavors that we rotate her on - lamb, chicken, and salmon. And the bags are BEAUIFULLY designed.

Mr.Chewy is where I find and buy Nulo. I have Raynor set up on a delivery schedule so that my husband doesn't have to try and remember to order the food - I don't want my princess going hungry. Best of all - they also carry Teemo's food - California Natural! I buy him smal bites because I find he has an easier time with them with his large overbite.

Shipping is fast and often free at Mr.Chewy - and you can save 10 PERCENT on your first order with this code : GUYW5714. The best part? If you use this code, 10 dollars will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society! They a great array of other treats and foods for both dogs and cats - go see if they have something you like!


  1. AW so glad you found this food! When I finally get one.. ill have to look into this! SO CUTE!



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