Leave At Your own Chosen Speed

I am inexplicably excited for my friend Megan's wedding this weekend AND to get my car back. I have been driving my mom's VW Passat and I miss my tiny little baby Fiat 500 guys. A lot. Plus, I get to see Jason tomorrow. I am so ready to be back in Cincinnati with my husband, seeing our friends, hitting up all of our favorite places, and having a day or two of the 'good old days.'

So here's to another 7 hour drive (add on another hour to pick up my friend Joe and then Jason from the airport) and another weekend in my hometown!

Girls From Savoy is my all time favorite brand of clothing. I got this skirt for half price at Anthro in Cincinnati last weekend and ADORE it.

top : marimekko for anthropologie remixed
tank (underneath) : old navy
skirt : anthropologie mountain a time via ebay
belt : vintage remixed
heels : report via nordstrom rack remixed
bag : vahalla brooklyn larch bag remixed
necklace : ornamental things via kismet remixed
headband : goody remixed


  1. I know you will be super happy to have your car back

  2. I love your camera necklace! And the lace detail on your skirt with the apple print of your top is just so cute! I want to wear your outfit!

  3. The skirt is great on you. Love the twirl. Your puppy is adorable too. The bow is to cute.

  4. These prints are so cute together! I just love your skirt and the cool striped print on it. Adorable shoes too! They look like they'd be wearable for any season.

  5. Thanks for your lovely, lovely comment! You are the sweetest! I cannot take my eyes off your skirt! Its adorable!!

    x Aliya

  6. You look adorable, as always :) That skirt is so fun! Teemo's bowtie is super cute too. Good news about getting your car back! I love Fiats.

  7. THis is PERFECT pattern mixing, you look absolutely adorable :)

  8. that skirt is AMAZING! so in love with it. and your corgi with the bow tie just melts my heart!


  9. You look amazing, adore your style.


  10. Okay, Katherine...You know I'm going to tell you how much I love your outfit and your dog. So I wonder if I should just leave here with a disclaimer: I love all your outfits and your dog! But, of note, the patterns and prints are not easily found just anywhere, and I really like that! -Jessica


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