You Really Got a Hold On Me

Yesterday was a long day. I left work at 1pm (yay early dismissal) and I picked up Teemo at home and we started off on our journey at 1:30pm. 16 hours and 6 minutes later (would have been quicker, but I was delayed 3-4 hours in Virginia due to stopped traffic from 3-7pm) we rolled into Orlando at 5:54 am. I plan on catching up a little more tomorrow as Jason and I are so tired and will probably be crawling into bed fairly soon!

The New Cambridge Satchel  The New Cambridge Satchel
seychelles freesia flat

When I got here my package from Modcloth was waiting for me! I have been waiting for my Cambridge Satchel and new Seychelles all week. Jason picked these things out with me, the shoes were his find! The satchel is amazing - the quality is to die for and it's just a steal for a nice leather bag make in the UK at the price it is. Well worth it.

Jason and I ran errands in the afternoon, had lunch at Tijuana Flats, and got all the supplies to make Easter dinner tomorrow. I love my straw fedora - it's perfect for Florida! When we went out for dinner, I draped a scarf around me - it got CHILLY here. Seriously, it's always like 95 degrees here and it was around 70 when we took the pups on their walk!

You Really Gotta Hold On Me

You Really Gotta Hold On Me

The New Cambridge Satchel

Mickey nails! Yup. I'm so excited to go to Downtown Disney this week.

You Really Gotta Hold On Me

You Really Gotta Hold On Me

dress : coda via urban outfitters 
scarf : gift 
bag : cambridge satchel co via modcloth 
hat : target 
necklace : target 
shoes : target 
belt : target 
bracelets : target
sunnies : ray ban
 obviously everything i own is from target


  1. Wow, that does sound like a long day. But at least you look super cute! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Hi there! Love the Mickey nails! We love Downtown Disney, too. We don't live far away. Love your blog! Stop by and see us!

  3. I love that bag! I've been dreaming about them forever and I love your shoes! Sounds like a wonderful thing to come semi-home to. I'm driving from Ft. Lauderdale to Ohio this weekend. Um, not stoked. So yeah you are a CHAMP! You're also a travel addict. One of these times, you need to come to Akron and meet us all. We'd love to meet you!

  4. I LOVE those shoes!!!!



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