The Mod Dog

When I got my first pup Raynor in August of 2009, I was so excited to start buying her chic ribbon collars at stores like Moochie & Co. Raynor was destined to be a fashionista, except one issue. The dog is a tank, and being a basset beagle mix, she has a lot of low to the ground weight. She has broken through every collar we owned. Up until we found the Mod Dog.

Puppy Raynor wearing a leather buckle collar she ripped through

Kyra Vicory, of the Mod Dog, is very talented at making durable and adorable dog collars.  After ripping through yet another buckle on a collar while staying with my dad, I was determined to find a crazy durable collar, but I still wanted something visually pleasing for the princess pup. I began scouring the web for adorable chain martingale collars, and there was the Mod Dog.

-76 : the refined hound
One of Raynor's many Mod Dog collars, the Ely Collar

We have been buying collars from Kyra since our first purchase in February of 2010. Her awesome selection of ribbon, superior strength, and overall experience is amazing, and her collars are amazingly well priced. 

-68 : the custom collars
Kyra made these two collars from ribbon I provided specifically for our wedding!

mod dog
Kyra's business card & brown paper packaging

-85 : the teemo
Teemo's first Mod Dog collar, Owl Always Love You

So dog owners, if you are looking for an amazing collar that will last you a lifetime, is adjustable for many dogs, and can still be stylish, I can only suggest the Mod Dog.

let's get out of here
Teemo, sporting the exact same collar!


  1. Wow, i like the custom made collars she made for your wedding!

  2. awesome- awesome photos! thanks or sharing such sweet things!

    Much Love,
    Julie -

  3. Such cute dogs and I am lovin' the collars...makes me want a dog even more than I do now :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Oh man - the cutest!
    I miss having a dog but I couldn't have one in my apartment!

    Love my kitty though :)

  5. so cute... dog collars can really make a fashion statement. Haha...but I guess safety comes first. Your dog is really strong. And cute!



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