South for the Winter

Athens, GA

Jason and I took a short weekend trip to Athens, Georgia this weekend, primarily to visit the amazing restaurant, The Grit, that makes our favorite meal - tofu with nutritional yeast gravy and rice. It was SO worth the long drive. All the food was amazing, our hotel room was great, and the dogs stayed in a cute kennel that I wish was close to me!

Dessert Case at Grit

Dessert case at The Grit

Inside the Grit

Inside The Grit



Bronco Burger at Clocked

Bronco Burger at Clocked

Hotel Indigo

Our Penthouse Suite

Our penthouse level suite in the Hotel Indigo

Drinks at Mellow Mushroom


Cheese Plate at Speakeasy

An amazingly large cheese plate!

Eating our big fancy meal

Drinking a Blackberry margarita at Speakeasy

South for the Winter

sweater : target remixed
dress : anthropologie sing sweetly dress
belt : target
shoes : mod cloth remixed
bag : modcloth (hobo international) remixed
sunnies : ray ban remixed

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