Tea & Tattoos

I had a really exciting day today. Well, actually, the first half I suppose wasn't. I spent my day working from home wrapped in blankets, using my dog's bed as a desk chair, and scanning fabrics for a material library at work. Uneventful, sure, but I got a good pile done and was able to stay home with Teemo (who simply slept...I tried to use him as a table.... haha maybe? not really).

Fabric Stack

Anyhow, I bought this dress from Modcloth for a reason. I have been waiting for awhile just to get settled in, but this little beauty has been planned for awhile. Jason and I agreed I could get my second tattoo as a gift to myself for getting a job (and to celebrate our marriage, of course!). I have loved these birds for awhile and was so excited to get my second tattoo. Brad at 717tattoo did an amazing job - I'm so happy.

Love Birds

I got this awesome backless dress for the occasion and to show off once this heals up. Plus it's just an awesome dress and you can't tell it's open in the back if I have a sweater on, which is great.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea

sweater: banana republic (outlet)
tights : target
shoes : fraiser fir flat from modcloth
headband : forever 21
mug : fiesta ware in lemongrass
watch : marc by marc jacobs


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