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365 Days Project: Days 35 to 42

This past week has been an exciting one - my pregnancy is out at work (and social media, what can I say, I couldn't keep it in!), we're getting ready for a fun Disney trip, and last weekend we added a closet to what will become our kid's room.

I found out I was having a daughter a little over 3 weeks ago - I mean, I already knew I was having a kid, but I was able to get results early from the Harmony blood test which my doctor did. I loved being able to find out through DNA and know my baby was healthy at the same time. Very reassuring. Also meant I could buy DRESSES! I've already gotten my first Byrony and Co dress for her. She also has a lot of adorableness in her room already.

Weekends are full of projects and errands - we still have a lot of projects on our home we would love to do before Stella gets here.

One of the best new things in our home: our new chair and ottoman from Joybird furniture..... I'm in love. This is our first piece of 'real' non-Ikea, fancy furniture and it was amazinggg to have someone come and put it in our living room. Teemo has taken to the chair well.


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