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So.... This Is The New Year?

So this is definitely the longest I've gone without blogging. I'm officially no longer a 'blogger' I guess!

Yet.... I'm still here.

I'm beginning a new 365 days project - taking a photo every day for 2016. I've done it twice before (life / second one, selfies / first one) and I'm going the route of my second project - more photos of my life. I have a lot of pride in both 365s, particularly the second, and really want to focus on photography this year.

Ideally, maybe I'll get back into my style posts a bit. Maybe I won't. But I am a little sad my pink / purple hair is getting wasted.

To start, I want to do a round up of every week on Sunday. Since I started this on a Friday, first week is a little heavy.

2016 has been a blur so far. Our nights and weekends have been filled of doing things for our house - hanging photos, cleaning, putting together objects, planting bushes, and more.

Best things this week: Getting to have long talks with my friends Shauna and Anna, Sunday breakfast with friends, hanging my new Stitch painting, and playing Rayman Legends.

Worst things this week: I think I forgot how to hangout with myself...... :D

1 comment:

  1. So glad to have you back!
    :) looking forward to your new 365. I've started one myself, but I stalled... Now I'm trying to catch up.
    Can you believe that we've met because of our 365days? :)


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