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Jason and I are going on a cruise this weekend - Florida resident rates + a tax return + the home buying experience being terrible and unproductive = we need a vacation, right? So this second week of inspiration is a bit nautical themed because it's what is on my mind.

 Site: Atlantis World's Fair by Friends of Mighty

This one has been serving me inspiration for awhile now. A friend and I at work have visited it a fair amount - the bright colors and little guy moving down the page are just all so wonderful.

Sip : Pineapple Limede Cooler 

A non-alcoholic refreshing treat for days on the beach. I can't do day drinking I find - I just get a headache and become miserable. This is much more my taste for a day at the beach.

Style: Kailey of Mermaidens

This is an older post of hers from this past summer, but I've had it book marked for awhile. The community pool (which brings up memories of mine back in Ohio) plus the perfectly pink everything is great. Kind of makes me wish I had a pink swimsuit to go with my pink hair just like this!


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