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Petcurean Halloween Giveaway

-230 : puppy halloweenI have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. On one hand, I hate dressing up. On the other, I love dressing up my dogs. They have stayed fit through the years due to eating healthy foods like Petcurean with minimal human foods (they get last bites, but never of anything that would hurt them like chocolate). Their Petcurean food has gotten them the shiniest coat - and I love how amazingly healthy my dogs have stayed over the years. Raynor still fits in her Halloween costume from when she was 1 year old. Anyhow, it's time to guess what the pups are going to be for Halloween this year!  Just enter your guess, and you're entered  to win THREE free bags (25lbs) of Petcurean dog food. I'll announce the winner along with the pups costumes on the Saturday after Halloween (November 1st).


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