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I feel like this has been a long time coming.

Very obviously, this blog has been experiencing a change, just as my life has. Just as our life has.

Back in 2011, I moved to Pennsylvania, apart from my husband and basset hound, Raynor. I named my blog after my faithful corgi companion and my love for crafted drinks. I'll be honest, it wasn't a name made to last. I think I always knew that, especially with how incredibly long of a name we chose. But it stuck, as it felt relevant for 3 years. It fit the period of transitioning that both myself and my family was going through. It doesn't fit that anymore.

Alas, welcome! Welcome to a new page in our lives. Welcome, to Much Adoo.

Much Adoo is a play off of our last name, McAdoo. It's short, it's easy. It's also representative of what this blog is becoming. The biggest change? I'm moving away from pure outfit posts. I'm moving a way from a focus on me. This will be focused on us - our little family of four. Not that I will ever stop wearing fun dresses - you'll still see plenty of that - just on the canvas of our traveling and trips to Disney. Plus, more photos from the restaurants we eat at, the beer we drink at, and the things we do. This decision came from my husband, Jason, who you'll be hearing more from, nabbing a job with a lot more travel. We are hoping to share out marriage with you, and each other, as Jason travels and we spend some of our weekdays apart.

This is a big move, a big decision, but one I've been planning for months. Please, bookmark our new blog url,  This URL will currently redirect to while we figure some things out and give you all some time to bookmark and adjust.

We hope you enjoy and as excited as we are about this new chapter in our lives and for this blog!


  1. Very exciting- good luck with the rebrand and new blog direction.

  2. Thank you Krysten and Kristian - it means a lot! Especially coming from you two since I've known you two for awhile!

  3. How fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come :D

  4. Yay! Love the name, and I'm excited to see where the new blog is headed. I've always enjoyed all the posts - not just the fashion ones!


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