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8 Years Time

8 years ago, Jason and I met and fairly immediately started dating. We lived together almost immediately - I moved into an extra bed in his dorm room kind of de-facto and kept non-essential clothing (anything I didn't wear everyday) in my own room a floor up. We lived together for 5 years, until we got married and moved 1,000 miles apart.

Anyhow - I feel pretty lucky that I've had someone to go through college, my first job, my first long-distance move, and many things in between with. In a little mini-celebration of our 8 years together, and the kick off of this new stage for now our blog, we thought we'd do a 'favorite memories' post.

we're all a little quacky

8 - Legoland California, December 2007
Jason always wanted to go here as a kid, and on a lovely family vacation right before Christmas, he finally got to go. We won a little pirate duck at some silly game, and it's made it on the shelf somewhere in every place we have lived - from his apartment in Orlando to our home in Cincinnati to our townhome here in Fort Lauderdale. We felt like kids at Legoland and had a lot of fun. I'm glad some of the photos from this trip are still in tact.

1411 SW 48th Ter

7 - Moving to Florida, permanently

Our move to Florida was actually fairly random. It wasn't planned. It came out of the blue. It's a favorite memory because it was great to see how flexible we both can be, and how easy doing everything with Jason by my side (or rather, since in the photo above, my first photo of the place we now live, he was actually back in Pennsylvania, working and trusting my opinion completely on a place he had to live for at least a year).

-123 : teemo and raynor

5/6 - Getting Raynor and Teemo

The stories of how we got our dogs (and all the memories from it) are stories we tell constantly. There are many 'remember when we got Raynor and she peed everywhere' and 'remember when we told everyone Teemo was a foster, but he wasn't, Katherine just had to have him.' Our dogs are such an important part of our family, and our love for these two (and dogs in general) is such a major part of our relationship.
  walt disney world 2007

4 - Our first Disney trip, 2007

We obviously love Disney very, very much, and our first trip to Disney was so special and memorable. Mostly because I decided it was smart to jump off the monorail to get into a more empty car because 'there was definitely a lot of time before they closed the doors' and the doors closed the second I jumped off. Fortunately, a family with a stroller was left with half the family on and half the family off, and they reopened all the doors, allowing me to step back onto the monorail with about 20 people laughing at me.

sno castle

3 - The Snow Cone Place

Jason and I got engaged here. We brought many friends here. It was the perfect summer memory. The over 100 flavors made for countless memories - including Jason putting a diamond ring into a orchid and blue eagle snow cone (basically lightly sugar syrup with food coloring that is just pure amazing) and asking me to marry him.

Us at the Japan Pavillion

2 - Our first 'unanniversary'

Back during our first year of marriage, Jason and I planned a short weekend trip to Disney for our actual anniversary in June. Due to some weird stuff with his university, he ended up taking a month long break and stayed with me in Pennsylvania for a month, making my flight down to Orlando very not useful. I was able to rebook and fly down for Labor Day instead, spawning our 'unanniversary'. We celebrate it every year sometime in September (even if we do other, smaller celebrations on our actual anniversary) and it's become a special, very 'us' memory.


1 - Getting Married

I feel like this has to be number one, but it really it. A lot of the day of the wedding we didn't actually spend together - but that's kind of what makes it great. It was wonderful to see our friends and family together, it was wonderful to get married with such support, and honestly, we worked really hard together as designers so it was amazing to see something we did together come together so nicely.

What are some of your favorite memories in life? A lot of ours involve each other because being together for 8 years, well, we've been around each other for about 1/3rd of our lives.


  1. What a sweet post! Happy anniversary!

  2. A sweet post (also loving that Disney made it on this countdown)! Happy Anniversary!

  3. I love little flashbacks like this :) The love shines through these photos!
    Most of my best memories are with my husband as well- we've known each other almost ten years! Our first date stands out in my mind (though it's far too long to go into here, but I should write a post about it!), as well as one particular night when I was in college, supposed to be studying, but instead we talked on the phone about nonsense for two hours and I didn't stop laughing the entire time. That's when I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

  4. Aw this makes me so happy. Happy 8 years together!


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