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Blueberries in Beer

This is a little trick I learned from World of Beer that is SO good either in blueberry beer (402's Blue, Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat, Fat Head's Bumbleberry, etc.) or a light ale.

Blueberries in Beer

Get yourself some fresh or frozen blueberries. I like frozen because they act like little ice cubes and dye the beer a bit pink. Plus, they thaw while you drink and are delicious treats at the end.

Blueberries in Beer 2

Put a handful in the bottom, carefully pour, and serve. So delicious!

Blueberries Beer 3


  1. That sounds so good! I've never had blueberry beer before, sounds amazing!

  2. I've had blueberry wine before, but never blueberry beer!! Sounds good!


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