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Fresh and Fit

One of the big goals moving down to Florida was for all of us to get in shape! Raynor, Teemo, and I have all collectively lost some weight, been eating healthier, and in general, been more active. My neighborhood is perfect for long walks (by the lake, not the beach, but I'm reallllyyy not complaining) and the dogs just seem to be moving around a lot more. Take a look see:

Teemo and Raynor on the Lake

Can you tell how fit and toned Raynor is? And Teemo has lost a little bit of his pudge. It's easier for me to notice and see because I see them everyday, but here's how we have been keeping healthy.

Teemo and Raynor

Petcurean Now Fresh
I have my dogs being fed really, really awesome food care of Petcurean. And I continue to choose this pet food above all other brands. They use a bunch of fresh ingredients, and my dogs coats feel AMAZING. People constantly comment on how velvety Raynor's coat is these days.

I feed them both as active dogs - and they have both maintained super healthy weights here and the vet said Raynor was in top condition! Hows that for a dog food really changing around their health in only a year (in January 2014, pre-Now Fresh, both my dogs were deemed 'overweight'). I cannot advocate enough for this food - but uhm, you can get a coupon here! And I always suggest ordering from - my go-to place for years.

Teemo Loves Carrots

Healthy Treats
I've found I really don't like having separate treats for my dogs.  I tend to feed them bites of my food if I am  eating something I deem 'dog friendly.' Usually this means lean meat and cheesey rice puffs (like that Pirate's Booty stuff) but lately I've found that they, especially Teemo, has a love for carrots!

Carrots are awesome for dogs - I knew this because a)they are good for humans too and b) it's a main ingredient in my pet food. Plus - carrots are a treat enjoyed by all in the household because our guinea pig goes absolutely nuts for carrots. They are great for the dog's coat and also low in calories. I will admit - Raynor is iffy about them, so here's a weird but yummy combo I learned from a friend at work - carrots and peanut butter! Raynor is so on the carrot train once I introduce that. It's like peanut butter and celery, only better.

Raynor on the Lake

Long Walks (And Exercise for Me)
The dogs and I go on long walks around the neighborhood and local parks that result in things like this :

I've also been very, very adamant about my 6 times a week, 1 hour a day following the monthly Blogilates calendar, which has lost me about 2 inches in my waist. Plus, my old back pain is going away! Yay getting stronger.

Teemo on the Lake

Eating healthy is such a huge thing for dogs - and finding the right food that is not only healthy for them but  also meets Raynor's strict diet standards (no wheat, certain manufacturing techniques) is rough! But it's very important - and I'm happy to have such healthy, strong little pups. Even if it means they drag me down the street fairly often.

This post was sponsored by Petcurean as part of their brand ambassador program. This indicates I received a product in exchange for review, although the opinions and ideas expressed are my purely own (or my dogs). For more information - read the disclosure of this blog.


  1. Whenever my dog eats carrots he gnaws at them and leaves bits everywhere so I normally cut them up into chunks and give them like treats. He's really heavy for a labrador, around 40kg, but he seems to be pure muscle. I wish I liked near a lake!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. My dogs love carrots - and tomatoes too!

  3. Our basset hound, Cheese, loves carrots! He also loves blueberries, bananas, red bell peppers and lettuce. Needless to say, when I'm chopping up fruit and veggies in the kitchen he's always there patiently waiting for some.

  4. That shot of him with the carrot is SO adorable! My boyfriend and I are about to move to a new town and I am hoping that the change of scenery will also get our booties moving and up and off the couch more too! :)
    xo Hannah


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