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There Are No Bad Words For The Coast Today

I have a love / hate relationship with beaches. I feel like most people love being on the beach, in the sand, in a swimsuit, and in the sun. I really am not a fan of sand - walking around in it is okay, but sitting in it is still a no go for me. For reference, my favorite beach was a beach that had no sand, but ROCKS in France. I thought that was the best. But I also love the beach. I love it from a bit of a distance. I love walking on the boardwalk besides Deerfield Beach. I love restaurants and towns by the beach, like Kona in Hawaii. I love the sounds, I love the breeze. It's for this reason I found Honolulu to be the best city in the world - good shopping, good breeze, peaceful, and lots of greenery. The beach itself, while we did a good job of photographing here, was overflowing with people tanning and hammering umbrellas into the sound. In fact, the short time we were on the beach was the opposite of peaceful, where as being nearby is just perfect for me. That being said, I'll do just about anything for a good photo, including dragging my husband out to beach in our full-on clothing while everyone else is in swim suits :D

Katherine At Deerfield BeachOctopus RingBeach Bums Dress at the BeachDeerfield Beach Outfit PhotoMiss Trish SandalsHappy At The BeachFloratina Dress with Love Birds Back TattooFloratina Dress Betty Page At BeachBack of Multi Floratina Dress

dress :: beach bums via bettie page // sandals :: miss trish // sunnies :: ray ban
bag:: modcloth // necklace :: target // ring :: c/o modcloth


  1. OMG... these pictures are amazing. I happen to love love love the beach. :) I could sit there in a suit all day, and I love the feeling of being at the beach all day. I also love this dress in this picture. The Dress + Background is wonderful! :) Hope your doing well!

  2. I think my main beef with the beach is always the wind! Sand I don't mind so much--however, my brother flat out refuses to go to the beach because he dislikes sand so much!

  3. I actually feel the same way about the beach. I love it in theory, but when I'm there I don't. I prefer lakes or pools. I just don't like the itchy sand and the itchy salt water! It makes me.... itchy.

  4. I live by the beach and never go its just too hot and crowded its not really a relaxing experience but i love it at 7 am when no one is around and there are hundreds of sand dollars and the water is a bit cooler i feel you on the love/hate relationship with the beach.

  5. i love that dress, the print, the style it's adorable and bright and perfect for summer :)

  6. Totally love that dress on you. Very appropriate for a day at the beach. I love the beach too! Though, my kind of beach would be the sand, swimsuit and sun type =D

  7. Oh goodness this is such a pretty outfit on you! I love the vibrancy of colors!!


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