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Feeling Uncreative

Lately, I feel like I have hit a creative block with my blog, and I feel like it's showing. My outfit photos have been hard to take with 6-8 inches of snow and a busy life. I've felt less inspired in writing, as well. And avoiding addressing it just makes it worse. So let's address it.

How do I overcome a large block in my path?

Well, I'm taking a step back. I'm seeing what really makes me happy about this blog - which is the photography, pups, design, and cocktails. I love sharing my life and style, and at some point, I decided to add too much in. I'm trying to organize myself again and refocus to get back on the right track, so all I can ask is that you stay with me over the next couple of months. If you have any helpful suggestions - favorite posts, things you have loved from the past, random things to share, what you'd like to name your baby, whatever really - send me an e-mail or tweet at me. Let's chat!


  1. Hey grrl, I know everyone's been through a creativity slump. It's tough. I don't even have a blog (yet), but I write for a living as a reporter, and boy is it hard to make great writing and reporting happen sometimes. I've only been reading your blog for the past few months, since my blog reading obsession began, but I always love your outfit posts. I think we have a very similar taste in style. Things will work out if you just take a break from things, focus on something different, and come back when you're ready. :)

  2. Aw, Miss Katherine! I'll be here for you as long as you need. Take your time on figuring everything out--who knows, maybe you're just burned out and need a break! :) We're on Twitter so don't be afraid to send me over some tweets hurp durp FRIENDS FOR LIFE!

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea! I fully support the stepping back and getting inspired again, I am excited to see what you will do when you come back and are at full force excitement and feeling inspired! I love your creative posts!

  4. Taking a step back is always good. Just be yourself! We love you whatever you post about. =)

  5. Taking a step back and getting a break can a great start. I also think just taking simple pics of the things that surround you and inspire you is another great way to get in touch with your creativity and over your block. Try not to put any pressure on yourself. Just be you and enjoy what you enjoy, you'll find the way out of your block!


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