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The Grit

For the next few months, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite places we have traveled - specifically around food, but also any other experiences I've felt were big moments of our lives. I'm an avid Yelper and have always loved writing about the good places we go. I actually have a lot of guilt about my lower reviews to be honest! Anyhow, in trying to find my inspiration again for this blog, I thought writing about the places I find most inspiring (and often where my outfit photos are taking place) would be fun.

Inside the Grit

The first is The Grit, a vegetarian restaurant in the adorable Athens, Georgia, a small college town about an hour outside of Atlanta. I first visited in 2009 when my friend was staying there as a college lab assistant for the summer. The restaurant is a gem that is fairly well known amongs vegans and vegetarians, but really is just a delicious place for anyone.Their signature tofu is unlike any other - crusted with nutritional yeast, which is one of the best things on the planet. You can read my full Yelp review here.

The Grit
've been a total of three times - once during that trip and twice during a trip with Jason in 2012 that was on the blog. It's definitely worth the trip - especially if you are in or around Atlanta for any given period of time, try and make the trek over to Athens and enjoy some delicious vegetarian fare here. There are some other cute places as well - and Terrapin Brewery is based here, so you can stop in and get yourself a beer as well!


  1. Ooo, I am heading to Georgia on a road trip soon! If we're around here I'll have to stop :)

  2. omigosh, this sounds like an amazing little place to dine! I really love tofu, but have never tried it with nutritional yeast. I hear it's sort of cheesy, though? *___*


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