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Bourbon Peach Cocktail

Sometimes, you need a drink that carries you through the winter and reminds you that warmer times are coming. I drowning in snow and ice, and I wanted to create a cocktail that reminded me of the south. So here is a yummy bourbon peach cocktail with a peach cotton candy finish from Fluff It Up.

What You'll Need
2 Ounces Kentucky Bourbon (Makers Mark, Four Roses, Etc)
1/3 Cup Peaches
1.5 Cups Soda Water
Peach Cotton Candy from Fluff It Up

In a blender or something similar to a Magic Bullet (what I am using), combine the bourbon and peaches until well blended. Add in soda water, then pour into glasses. Add ice if necessary to chill. Garnish with cotton candy.


  1. My fiance is a HUGE Makers Mark drinker. He would LOVE that glass.

  2. Yummy! That looks amazingly good!


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