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Raise your paw if you knew Hershey was a real city here in Pennsylvania? Not only do they make candy, but they have a few hotels, beautiful restaurants, and an amusement park. We took my sister in law to Chocolate World while she was in to visit and got some great massages at the Hotel Hershey. I smelled like a big Hershey bar - and it was such a great experience. We've decided we have to go back next year it was so nice. Gotta love a good day of being pampered in the sweetest place on earth. It's not like I haven't photographed Hershey here before, but here are some extra photos from the hotel, main street, and Chocolate World! We made our own candy bars (again!) so here are more photos of that (check here for when Jason and I went in 2011)

jacket :: target remixed
tee :: forever 21 remixed
astral swing skirt :: anthropologie
tights :: target remixed
boots :: diba via dsw remixed
ring :: gorjana griffin remixed
necklace :: j crew factory remixed
scarf :: ebay


  1. Cute outfit! I've only seen that skirt on the hanger - it's so sweet! I love the elephant necklace too, of course :)

  2. This looks like an amazingly fun day and I love how your outfit looks chocolately itself. Also, I have some boots that look strikingly similar to yours -- they are my favorite.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  3. Such a cute outfit! & I love Hershey.
    Was the chocolate bar making worth the $?

  4. I did know that (chocolate lover) and always wanted to go. Sounds and looks like so much fun! I love your skirt!

  5. I really wish I got to make my own candy bar when I was there! But the wait time was so long that we wouldn't have had time to do it since we had to drive back that night. Maybe another time someday in the future, though. I love your outfit, by the way. I love all the neutrals. :)

  6. I love that you have touches of chocolate brown in your outfit when you went to visit Hershey. I need to go there sometime. The make your own candy bar thing looks like fun!

  7. love your satchel and this entire outfit!

  8. The whole outfit is great, but I am really loving the skirt (or dress?). Too cute and a great color for you.

  9. I love Hershey, I make B take me to Chocolate World whenever I'm bored and I want to have a date day.

  10. If a city is named as Hershey, they better as heck have chocolate everywhere. I'm a little dissapointed that they don't have chocolate buildings and chocolate sidewalks, though. I bet they did once a very long time ago and everyone ate all the chocolate. That would be quite a thing to keep up.

    OKAY! Chocolate aside. I adore that choc--elepehant necklace (whut, still thinking of chocolate, shhh, silly Ali) and overall chocolate-y outfit. Brown never looked so cute!

  11. Eeks I was just here a couple weeks ago for my bday! Probably another case where we just missed each other...ha! Anyhow, isn't the Hershey Hotel the best? The Mr. and I dropped over $300 on dinner in the circular dining room for Valentine's and yes, it was totally indulgent but very worth it. Anyhow, you look adorable as always - love the elephants :-) xo Marisa

  12. Wow! That would be a dream place to visit for me!


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