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Changing pet foods is never an easy thing, but sometimes, it's a good change. We have had to be incredibly particular with kibble due to our basset hound mix Raynor's allergies to storage/dust mites. I looked into tons of dog food companies, finding only a handful that manufactured in a human-grade way, and even less that used plastic, sealed bags. I have turned down working with every pet food that has contacted me, until this time. Petcurean is one of the few brands that manufactures in a high-quality way, uses top-notch ingredients (no wheats, no fillers), and vacuum seals the bags. Plus, unlike my current food, it's available at the store down the street ( and next to Target, which is my happy place.) Oh - and it's for cats AND dogs!

For this reason, it seemed best to switch, especially since as part of their program, my favorite animal rescue Three Sisters Pet Rescue from Cincinnati got some funds to use towards vet bills for their rescue pups (check them out here! ). We picked out the now fresh dog food. I'll admit, I had trouble choosing and was quite troubled in the store about what to pick, but for the selection in my store, this worked. But, I am a bigger fan of the packaging for the GO! line of food - as a designer, packaging is really important to me! For this reason, these photos are a little more 'stylized' than my normal ones as I wanted them to be inspired by the beautiful photography on the bags. So enjoy some really artistic photos of Raynor and Teemo and some new food. They really love it - Raynor kept picking around the old food, and as you can see in the first photo, Teemo just started chewing on the bag of food itself!

If you have never switched pet foods, always be sure to do it gradually! It does have an effect on your dog's tummy, so starting off with 1/4 of the new food and 3/4 of the old food and gradually building to 100% of the new food over a few weeks is the best way to go. So far we have has a lot of success, though they seem to love the new taste and try to get that up first since it's not the normal old stuff. Why am I telling you this? Wait up for a giveaway post later today.

This post was sponsored by Petcurean as part of their brand ambassador program. This indicates I received a product in exchange for review, although the opinions and ideas expressed are my purely own (or my dogs). For more information - read the disclosure of this blog.


  1. This is great, Katherine! I'm glad you were able to help Three Sisters too!

    1. Oh, and you know Ms. Riley would be trying out this new food. She has some serious allergy issues too, so I'm always looking for good food options for her.

  2. I love the pet related giveaways you have! My dog actually ate his collar two days ago that I won from ModDog here! :( I've tried to feed him grain-free food before, and he just seems really picky so I'd love to try something new!

  3. How adorable. How do I enter this

    joseph gersch

  4. Would love the chance to win!!
    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  5. The first photo is so cute!!! :D

    donnapyszk at yahoo dot com


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