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I am a huge fan of Method products - HUGE. I always have been - their great designs and good scents are combined with something that's always been important to me - animal friendliness. My house is cleaned by Method products for multiple reasons, the foremost being that it's safe for my pets. I am really obviously one of those crazy people about their dogs - I know it too. I'd do anything for my pets (read : I have syringe fed my guinea pigs back to health.) Anyhow, we are pretty particular with how we clean in our home. In combination with pets, Jason is actually allergic to a lot of the all-natural products because they use coconut oil or some part of coconut to cleanse. One of the few brands that is both animal friendly and naturally derived we can use is Method. So I've stuck with them. They also don't test on animals - which is super important - since as Method says, 'they believe that guinea pigs should never be used as guinea pigs.' Well, me either. So when I was contacted about these new soaps that fit everything I am all about, I knew I needed to share with you guys.


Method does collaborations every so often (like the Orla Kiely ones which I have three bottles of floating around my house), and this one really hit home with me. They are producing two new hand soaps that support the ASPCA! Not only are the bottles printed with adorable creatures ( #everywithanimals, yes?), but Method and are teaming up to donate 15% of Method product sales on in June to the ASPCA®, whose mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.

The two scents are both yummy, although we prefer the Botanical Garden one. Jason said he wanted to eat it, until I told him the name, and he rescinded on wanting to eat it and went with 'smells yummy' instead. That one stays in our kitchen. The Mimosa Sun scent is along the same coloring as our Orla Kiely bottle in our bathroom with double sinks and lives on my side of the bathroom now. We really like soap - can't you tell?

Method Soaps Kitchen

Personally, I buy most of my Method stuff either at Target - I had never thought about ordering Method stuff online, but buying your Method products at you can use the code PAWPRINT at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase (AND give 15% of your Method product sales to the ASPCA). This offer is only available to first time customers - which if you are like me, you very well will be.

There is also a photo contest going on right now - you can enter to win these soaps! Here's how!

Step 1: Take a photo of your adorable pet.
Step 2: Choose how you want to enter the contest: Facebook or Instagram –
Facebook: Find the ‘pet photo contest’ tab on Method’s Facebook page and follow the instructions on the tab for uploading your photo.
Instagram: Post your pet’s photo to your Instagram account using the hashtag #methodcutepets. You must also follow @methodhome in order to be eligible to win.

The contest will begin on June 11 and end June 30. Method will select one winner each week to receive the two “designed for good” soaps and a $50 gift card to Soap[dot]com. NOTE: Only residents of the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) are eligible to win.

So will you be buying this special set or at least ordering some Method products? I'm ordering myself some laundry soap and dishwashing liquid (you can see we are running low in that one photo) Go here to buy now!

This post was sponsored by Method. This indicates I received a product in exchange for review, although the opinions and ideas expressed are my own. For more information - read the disclosure of this blog.


  1. 'they believe that guinea pigs should never be used as guinea pigs.' --that's 1) really freaking clever and 2) really lovely. This is awesome, and I love how you're always sharing animal-friendly brands and such with us like this. And it's even more awesome that something like this is at Target and not just some obscure website we've never heard of online!

    Next time at Target I'll definitely check these out. :)

  2. haha love that last photo! absolutely love these shots and love method!
    kw ladies in navy

  3. The bottles are really cute. I think it's really cool you can get them at Target. I might have to try them when my handsoap runs out.

  4. how amazing is this?! and those bottless oh my ! <3

  5. i absolutely love method as well! (for their animal friendliness!)

  6. I love Method soap and reuse my orla kiely bottles :)
    Love the animal prints cute and for a good cause

  7. I love Method! The new bottle designs look adorable as always.

  8. I love that you can even photograph a bottle of soap by the sink well! :P


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