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Sometimes I am really amazed at the things I have missed so near by where I live. My friend Julie invited us to the Warwick Hotel in Hummelstown, which I believed I had been to, but in reality, has completely missed this little town right next to Hershey. Prooves that there is always more to explore than you think! I think I'm pretty decent at exploring where I live and all around it, so I find it shocking when I have managed to completely overlook something so cute. I think I need to spend some more time on Yelp and Google Maps!

Plaid & CatsPlaid & Cats

The weather is wonky here. One day it's warm and I can wear shorts and be fine, the next day I walk out and I need tights. I can't wait until summer when it's just constantly hot. 

Plaid & CatsPlaid & CatsPlaid & CatsPlaid & CatsPlaid & CatsPlaid & CatsPlaid & Cats

coat :: anthropologie remixed
sweater :: gap remixed
feline karma dress :: leah reena goren for anthropologie remixed
tights :: target remixed
hydrangea heels :: seychelles remixed
bag :: emma fox remixed
necklace :: tiffany remixed
ring :: sanrio remixed
watch :: (custom) remixed


  1. meow! such a lovely outfit and the colour of your tights is gorgeous! x

  2. I love this dress so much!! The print and fit are perfect, such a great piece. I love exploring my neighborhood, mines pretty small but even just exploring my city in general is fun. Always new spots to find!

  3. I love exploring places and discovering things that you never even knew existed, even if you've lived in the area for a long time. It's fun to constantly see new things. Also, I just love that kitty dress. Every time I see it, I can't help but want it!

  4. THe cat dress is adorable, the jacket is gorgeous and that necklace?! bah! I LOVE IT!

    What a beautiful place - looks like you had a great time!


  5. I love exploring things but sometimes we just find good things at the first time and we forget to continuing exploring. By the way, you look sexy on that outfit! And it's you and me that are waiting for the summer, for all the days to be warm!

    Sofia G

  6. The coat and tights matching was fun! And how nice to discover someplace new!

  7. I love exploring our area too.
    I've never been there before. Might have to make my way out there. :)

  8. i love exploring! and your dress. bah! want it. :) hope you had a great weekend - sounds absolutely lovely
    kw ladies in navy

  9. I really love exploring in my own town! Every time I see this cute dress I love it's cute little print even more!

  10. my husband and i have to do that more! visiting the places near us. we always seek to go far, but there are so many treasures and gems nearby! and love your dress! i actually bought an animal print dress for the first time! birds! can't wait to wear it! :)

  11. That dress is the best--love how it looks with the green accessories!


  12. I can't tell you how many times we drive by places every day that we've never been to--yet we still complain about a lack of new restaurants and shopping places. Sometimes you've just gotta do another google search to know what is really out there, yeah??

    I am loving all the green here, and the backdrop for these pictures--swoon! Super perfect photo set. :D

  13. sweetie, your clothes are so temptating *_* <3 this dress is just wow

  14. I freaking LOVE YOUR CAT DRESS!!! xo

  15. I could ramble about how much I love this dress but I'll try to keep it short. :] love it with the funky colored tights!

  16. THAT CAT DRESS!!!! Ahhhh!!! I am so jealous, such a perfect outfit! I love all of the green that you've added to this outfit with your bag and tights, it contrasts beautifully with the monochrome :)

  17. Oh my goodness - I haven't been to this little hotel in ages! I used to work right up the street and get dinner there every so often. Hummelstown is such an adorable little place...and did you know at New Year's, they do a Lollipop drop on the square? :-) You look completely darling Katherine. This outfit has to be one of my very favorites of yours...gah, that cat dress!!! Congrats on your new home too!! xoxo Marisa

  18. Lovin' the blue tights! And I'm right there with ya, I totally need to explore the areas around me more!


  19. Love the colors of this outfit. Very pretty combo. That building is so pretty. I need to find some places like this for my outfit posts. You always inspire me.

  20. Your green plaid jacket is so cute! I wish I had one like that! I always love your cat dress too. These teal tights look great with it.

  21. Well I always love your collection of jewelry, but I've never noticed the Tiffany's cupcake before! I have wanted that charm forEVER it's adorable. Might eventually have to be a gift I give myself ;) you always seem to find the coolest places! Bonus that they're a great backdrop for pictures!

    perfectly priya


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