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Adventure Time with Katherine & Teemo!

As a child, I visited England, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, and California ( the last at least 3 times a year) . My sister going to school in different ares combined with my dad's work made me a very well rounded child. I've loved traveling and driving for an insanely long time - since I was a baby, really. In high school, my best friend and I would drive around our city, often for no reason back when gas was cheap, or venture into Indiana and Kentucky. He and I were the few people who seemed to get out of the 3 mile radius that was the suburb I grew up in. Come college, Jason and I drove the 4 hours between Cincinnati and Akron so frequently it became ingrained in my brain that drive. Now, I view 5 hours as a short drive and 2 hours as normal.

Teemo & Katherine On The Porch Citrus Print Emily & Fin top& Ring from August WrinklePretty Pany Silver Bow NecklaceBrainbox Fox Wood EarringsCitrus Print Outfit & Teemo

I'm also lucky that Teemo is a seasoned traveler now as well. He's staying back in Lancaster this time while we take a weekend trip to Florida, but Teemo has traveled to Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and Maryland with me and is always up to pee on a new tree in a new place. I only wish he could come along on every adventure with me. Our latest 'adventure' has simply been exploring and learning our new home. That's good enough for him because there are plenty of tall grasses and street signs to mark as his own.

J Crew Factory Flats & Teemo's PawsDenim Jacket Citrus BlouseBlouse and Bracelet DetailTortoiseshell Headband DetailTeemo and Katherine on Porch Citrus Print outfit

jacket :: mossimo via target remixed
emily & fin top :: modcloth
skirt :: loft remixed
flats :: j crew remixed
headband :: j crew factory remixed
necklace :: c/o pretty pany remixed
ampersand ring :: c/o august wrinkle remixed
bangle :: free people remixed


  1. Such a cute top - and the earrings are so sweet! Teemo is just the cutest :) I wish my dog were a good traveler!

  2. I like your bag and all the accessories! =D
    I love driving too but with all the convenience and traffic jam where I'm staying, sometimes I feel that an hour drive equates to like 8 hours! LOL! 15 mins is near and anything beyond that is like FAR!! LMAO!

  3. I love that Raynor is in the background! haha. I also really love that top. Anything with a fruit print is instant love for me. It's great that you and Teemo are such an adventurous duo. I used to love driving around all over my town and state when gas was cheaper too. There's nothing like a good drive and a new place to explore.

  4. You are gorgeous! The top is so cute!

  5. If I lived in the Sates I would drive around all the time too, and every time I visited I did just that. Love to take my pooches on a drive. Crazy cute shots, love the ballerinas!

  6. I used to travel a lot by train - and loved it - but now I've lost all patience with any means of transportation. Ok, if it were good friends and I on a car ride, that would be different, but that rarely ever happens...

    I love your earrings and top, and the pic of yours & his feet is adorable!

  7. I love road trips! My little Yorkie does great in the car. I drove from Ohio to California with her and she loved it. It's so cool that you got to travel that much as a child. I dream of traveling the world. Adventures are so fun! Great post title by the way. ;)

  8. I need to make trips more often. I get in these moods to get out and drive and then never do it! Also, I need more lemons in my closet!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  9. I love road trips too! So much fun. I also traveled all over while growing up, thanks to my parents. I'm sure that's why I still loving traveling, and travel as much as possible!
    I LOVE your shirt! Looks so cute on you.
    And your dogs are such cuties!


  10. You look so lovely. I love that print and the dainty shoes go with it so well.

    How cool how much travel you've been able to do over the years too! Have fun at Disney!

  11. Ahh, Katherine! I am the same way with driving. I love to drive so much. An hour of driving feels like nothing to me. I don't get to travel much since I'm still pretty young and living with my parents and at college and stuff, but hopefully I'll be able to branch out more in the future and drive furthur! Don't you just think it's silly when people say, "ugh, I hate driving!" or "It's like an hour away" ?? Silly, silly people. :)

    I just adore that cute printed top! And your hair clip is so lovely.

  12. I love being a passenger on long car rides, there's something so relaxing about watching the scenery change and listening to awesome music. I am supposed to drive 10 hours by myself to go see my brother this summer and I was pretty apprehensive about it, I'm feeling more excited now :)
    I love this lemon and orange printed top on you, such a fun piece!! And teemo is such a cutie

  13. I love your shirt. My dog loves going on trips. Not sure how he'd feel about the outfit photos. "Oh what's that, is that what they call a tripod? I could eat that. Yes I could definitely eat that." x

  14. oh I love all of the jewelry pieces!

  15. I adore the pics of you sitting with Teemo :) Your bright top is gorgeous, and you always have the best accessories.

    Save travels to Florida,

  16. You are very lucky! I didn't go on my first plane ride/vaca till I was 15! I love your top!

  17. Also in reply to one of your comments--aksdjakshfkl; you are too sweet to say that! I have always really, really, really liked to write creatively, but I've actually never taken a creative writing class... but I have had some of my high school teachers recommend . I was considering it, but the teacher who I wanted to take it to who I took for two semesters of Lit is MOVING! So maybe I'll muster up courage to take it from a rando teacher if I have any extra room, or maybe not. But anyway AW KATHERINE your sweet comments just always make my day. :D :D Seriously, I screenshot comments that make me feel fuzzy inside and put them in a folder and I have a few of yours in there ahahah~ that's probably a bit strange but whatever~ n___n

  18. I'm not as well traveled as I'd like but I do enjoy just driving places. I love taking the scenic route or just being able to go a different way to mix the drive up. Teemo is so adorable :) I can just picture him with his head out the window, tongue sticking out on one of your drives. Have fun in Florida!!

    xo Amber P.

  19. adore your necklace and these so sweet photos!
    kw ladies in navy

  20. I love traveling too - I think the best car rides that I had were to South Dakota and New Orleans from Pennsylvania - glad that Teemo has gotten used to it for you!

    I'm loving your headband and shoes - they go with that adorable blouse so well!


  21. saw this outfit on modcloth and just love it. So fresh and spring looking kind of makes me wish it was springtime here already! Hope you are going well :)
    XO Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  22. first of all i want to say i share your story. i also love driving long distances. every time my dad is home i ask him to drive me around the time round and round and it's never too much for me :). when i go to hospital once a month (it's two, sometimes three hours long from my town) i'm super happy to spend the time in the car <3 it's also awesome your dog is getting on well, my cat hates cars so i always must leave him alone home when i go somewhere :(
    you look stunning as usual <3 love your bag!

  23. It's so great that Teemo is able to travel all over with you! I can't get over this tote, it's too great. I'm in desperate need of ampersand ring! I've always had such an obsession with them.

  24. What a cute unique top! Love the fun brightness of it. This post makes me want to go on a road trip. If I wasn't so confined by my job all the time.... -Jess L

  25. The print on your top is wonderful!


  26. I love that Teemo is your little travel buddy, and I can totally relate to wanting to bring your pet everywhere. Nellie loves riding in the car too! I'm always so impressed by how much you and Jason get out and see the world, I feel like you're always exploring some new place, or revisiting an old love. It's so great.

  27. That fruit top! So cute!
    Dominick and I have been looking for places to visit.
    We go on a mini vacation every summer (Started last summer). This summer we are going to Toronto in Canada :)

  28. I totally need an ampersand ring like yours!

  29. It's so nice to be able to take your pet on trips. One of my dogs absolutely loves going anywhere in the car. The other one acts like he's being tortured!

  30. That is really great that you and your family were able to travel so often. I have hardly traveled at all but that would be a wonderful experience. I view 3 hours as not too long of a drive myself, but I have only ever traveled up to 8 hours away. Your outfit is cute as always!!!!!


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