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What's In My Bag for a Theme Park

I thought that it was time for another round of 'what's in my bag' for the theme park edition. With my dream vacation usually being a nice trip to Disney with the hubby (I want to get to all the ones around the world in my lifetime), it's important to know exactly what I need and how to pack it all in. I swear by my Sass & Peril totes to get me around Disney World.

Sass & Peril Tote // Clear Bag for Goodies // Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose
Mouthwash or Colgate Wisps for when I eat Mickey Ice Cream bars and then want to kiss Jason (yes he's allergic)
Advil // Sunnies & Case // Vinymations for Trading
HTC One X+ for impromptu photo taking

A few things to note here. I do take my camera with me, and yes, sometimes it's a pain. Like having the camera bag in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (you can not take a bag on the ride and have to store it!) Disney does a great job allowing bags on rides and having places to leave them, but I find backpacks or anything larger than this tote to get cumbersome. A cell phone is necessary! I really suggest having a smartphone for a trip like these. These are my main apps I used during the time in Disney (available on the Android Store for the HTC One X+ - I don't have an iPhone, but there are similar apps for you iOS users - or the same ones...)

Disney World Wait Times // WeatherBug (it's important to have, trust me)
Google Maps // Instagram

Do you take a bag to theme parks? Or not a theme park person yourself?

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  1. this is lovely. my bag is full of gross old pennies and gum! ha. if i laid it out, everyone would be concerned about my sanity.
    kw ladies in navy

  2. I am one of those people who carries a huge bag with everything in it. But when I go to theme parks or concerts, I always downgrade to a small purse just to keep my essentials (camera, phone, money/license) in. My trip to Florida next month is going to be my first time traveling with my DSLR and having to tote it around to various places. My little Leica fit in a tiny purse while being in its own case. I have a camera bag, but it's about the size of a makeup case, so I'm thinking I may need to buy a small case to put just the camera in so it can fit into some sort of purse. The case you have is pretty neat!

  3. I usually downgrade to a fanny pack (but its stylish, I swear!). I imagine carrying a dslr is a pain, but your photos make it seem worth it!

  4. I would be sooo lost without a smartphone, google maps is esentially my best friend. Those sugar lips lip balms are amazzzing

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. Haha the last time we went to an amusement park I gave Izzy my chapstick to put in his pocket (I was wearing a swimsuit and a swimsuit coverup) and I wore my sunglasses. That's it. I hate lugging things around when I'm at a theme park!

  6. I love the raccoon bag and the sunglasses!

  7. I always bring a bag to Disney! I have to carry everything for myself and the Hubby since he won't be seen with a bag (haha) I love these cute totes! What a great bag to bring! And I need those whisps for when Ethan eats meat and wants to kiss me! HAhaha

  8. It's been ages since I visited a theme park - this post reminded me how much I miss them! Anyway, love getting a peek into what's in your bag, and that tote is too adorable! :D

  9. I do like bringing my bag with me to Dland. Never know when you'll get a good picture!

  10. Never really thought of apps on themes parks. It's a good idea :)

  11. I like this photo ;)

    follow each other?:)

  12. This is a great post! I'm hoping to go to some theme parks this year, maybe not as big as Disney, but I'm always at a loss of what to pack! This is a great reference :)

  13. Seeing your posts make me excited to get my oneX!!
    I need a camera case so so bad.

  14. i love disney parks - always so fun. i love this app for the wait time on rides. i'll have to remember to download before i go next time!

  15. i've heard great things about that cell phone. it's definitely a necessity! you have an awesome camera katherine. i have a canon, but it's a rebel. hahaha

  16. I don't usually take a bag - I take my hubby instead. far more comfy and I can always blame for forgetting something

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