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Pink Elephants on Parade

First, really embarassingly wonderful video of mine and Jason's future that is mostly funny due to our strange, creepily smiling faces like that. I thought this was a good one!

Wine at EpcotEpcotRay BansDesigning A Car at Epcot in Test TrackJapan Pavillion GardenCurry And UdonJason Katherine at The SeasThe Seas with NemoJason at the Seas with NemoBeer Cheese Soup Le Cellier

Our big day in Epcot was tiring, but fun. Walking nearly 11 miles each day was difficult - but we tried to take this park a bit easier. We had dinner at Le Cellier Steakhouse and found out that making foods you love in restaurants at home actually means you stop liking it as much in the restaurant! We perfected our beer cheese soup to us - no chicken broth, more cheese, more beer - so the one in the restaurant wasn't as good anymore. If you want to try our version (which is vegetarian! theirs isn't) go here.

Pink Keds And SparklesElephant Dress, Elephant NecklaceMaelstromRay Bans & KakigoriElephant Outfit Epcot

outfit inspiration
carigan :: j crew factory
dress :: ezra via francesca's collections remixed
belt :: aerie remixed
tights :: target remixed
sneakers :: keds remixed
necklace :: j crew factory (similar) remixed
earrings :: kate spade remixed
tote :: sass & peril remixed
watch :: casio
sunnies :: ray ban remixed


  1. Your outfit is adorbs. I am quite jealous of your trip. It's def something I would love to do in my lifetime!

    The Nautical Owl

  2. You are so adorable Katherine! Those sunnies and that dress are cute! I love how the colors in your outfit match the location.

  3. Your sno cone photos always make me think of your engagement :) I LOVE your nails, and completely agree about once you start making items you used to love in restaurants at home. Glad you guys enjoyed the park though, Epcot is so fun!

  4. Hee little elephants all over you! That scene in Dumbo always freaked me out as a kid :P

    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. That video made me laugh, your guys' smiling faces are hilarious on the cartoon bodies. Your outfit is so fun and colourful, you wear pattern and colours so well!! This looks like a wonderful day. I love spending my holidays walking a ton, and eating yummy foods so this sounds perfect

  6. hahaha, what even is that video? It's cute! It reminds me of those Christmas videos where you can be a dancing elf with all your friends. ;)

    Walking 11 miles, dang! That is quite a distance. That's how much I bike erry day, so I can only imagine how difficult it'd be walking-wise. Long, I am sure. I adore your colorful ensemble, though! It looks comfy for walking around in. <3

    && also oh goodness, you're too sweet! Opening a shop... I haven't ever though of that. I suppose I could draw some things and give it a try. Maybe I will look into that over the summer. You're so lovely!

  7. Loved the video Katherine! Oh how fun it would be to have your own little spaceship and travel where you pleased. Despite the miles of walking, everything looked fantabulous! :D

  8. Jealous, I love Epcot.

    Your sunglasses are so cute!

  9. love your outfit and your nails. sounds like you had a fun day xxx

  10. I've never been to Epcot, but I totally agree about once you make a favourite dish at home, eating it at a restaurant kind of makes it lose it's pizazz.

  11. Oh my gosh that video and your faces! Lol! Hear hear to home made foods <3 I can't wait to try that beer cheese soup. I love your colorful Keds!

  12. this video and this post is so cute! Love it!

  13. that's unexpected and I love it

  14. That video was cute and well made.

    Looks like a fun time!

    I totally agree that if you are a good cook it is hard to find places that do food better than you can do it yourself.


  15. I love your sneakers! What a happy, bright color :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  16. I'm so jelly over your disney/epcot posts! i wish i can so go back. we went back for our 2nd year anniversary and went to hogwarts, disney and epcot. had such a blast! and really cute video! it would've been funny if you had the option of putting one of your dog's photos in as well!

  17. That video is funny! I've never rode the Mother Earth ride. I love your dress! The animals are so cute!!!

  18. very cute. love the nails and all the colors.

  19. adorable dress! Lololol loved the awkwardness of that video, got a good laugh :) and as usual your nails are super cool!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  20. Ahhh your dresses always have the cutest prints!! SO darling. xx

    Allie @

  21. That video is something you made? Or made in Disney? It is funny with your smiling faces :)

    I like the idea of trying to make the dishes you like from restaurants at home. Sounds like a challenge, but a fun one.

    1. It's made when you ride spaceship earth - you answer questions, they take a snapshot of you on the ride,then put you in a video based on your answers!

  22. First off, I ADORE your dress! So cute! And secondly, I love how your nails match your outfit for that day at Epcot! :D

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  23. Love all these pictures, makes me miss Epcot terribly.
    And the one with your pink shoes and the lit up blocks....i looks like it should be in a brochure.

  24. I must know what that blue nail polish is, it's amazing! Also the sunglasses!

  25. All quite adorable! I love how the snowcone is almost an accessory! ;D

  26. Oh my, that video is precious! Again, how I can only wish to go there one day! In the mean time, I'm stilling my hunger with disney accessories. Works like a charm.

  27. Bahaha that video. So good. You guys look like you had so much fun at all of the parks! Epcot was always my favorite, even as a kid. Because that's the type of kid I was haha. I love that you wore such bright colors and fun prints during your trip!

  28. Looks like you had fun! I love your outfit + your nails! And there are perks to liking the food you make better than the stuff at restaurants - it's cheaper to have at home! ;D

    Thanks for comment on my blog! I made three of the buntings for my graduation party, and one for my cousin's, and now I'm thinking of (maybe) starting an Etsy shop to sell them! And thanks for the compliment on my shoe collection! Kaelah Bee + my new job has me obsessed! Lol! xD

  29. Oh my gosh that video is the funniest! You guys are too cute. And you always have the best prints on your dresses!

  30. Loveee the print on your dress, and just the brightness of the whole outfit! So cute, as freakin always!

  31. Bahahaha - that is hilarious that you made on of those videos...I love it! Gosh I adore and miss Epcot. Truly my favorite park. Of course I am swooning over yet another adorable dress print of yours! And that snow cone - I need one of those in my life right now, even in the middle of winter :-)

  32. I'm so glad I had no idea how far I was walking when I was in Disney World because if I knew it had been 11 miles, I might have peed my pants. Or you know, worked out beforehand to actually get in shape for it. Still the best time of my life though and it looks like you had an amazing time, too! I love your printed dress. Also you two are too cute for me to look at for much longer before I start to spite being single ;)

  33. Amazing photos & that outfit is so cute! (:

    fashionlei styled


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