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Dog Tested, Dog Approved™ Facebook App & Giveaway

A little while ago, I wrote about my tips for traveling with the pups, and mentioned Subaru's adorable and helpful Facebook app. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do there and some random anecdotes about the pups in the car. I wish Teemo were actually able to drive and negotiate with people, like in this adorable video!

Looking back, there are a lot of things I would have changed about buying my car. Mostly, not doing it in a bad mood, in a panic, the day before I moved 8 hours away. I think some important things I overlooked have created these stories, but trust me, when some of these happened, they weren't funny, they were frightening and could have cost us a lot of money or harmed us! Driving with dogs isn't easy and you have to be thoughtful!

Teemo has actually shifted my car into neutral and it's weird manual mode (I drive an automatic that you can switch into being a psuedo-manual's dumb quite frankly) because it can be knocked over easily. His butt has shifted us into neutral on the highway - which is NOT fun and quite scary, and thankfully, I knew what was going on! He gets a puppy driver's license because technically, he's kind of driven the car also! He LOVES to climb onto the driver's lab and lay his head on the steering wheel if he's allowed. Jason's a sucker and can't say no to him, I swear.

You can put your dog in Subaru here. I really don't trust Raynor to drive, though, she'd fall asleep.

Raynor almost destroyed a car once. In one of the trips from Pennsylvania to Florida, she woke up and began to panic about being in the car. She pawed open a fast food cup that was in the center console, where the USB plug, AUX cable, and power outlet also are. They got doused in Coke, shorted out, and Jason was without the ability to charge his iPhone for the rest of the way, about 8 more hours! We got it fixed, at a price, but were lucky as if it hadn't shorted out as quickly as it did, it would have actually killed the entire car electronics. We buy plastic bottles for travel now, and keep them away from the dogs.

Want to know more? Check out the Subaru app on Facebook and watch the Dog Tested, Dog Approved™ intro video here. Plus, enter to win a $350 dollar Visa gift card (or a $150 dollar one for the second place winner) with the Rafflecopter giveaway below! Think of all the dog toys (or adorable collars!) you could get with this!

This post was written on behalf of Subaru. While I received payment for this post, the opinions and ideas expressed are my own. For more information - read the disclosure of this blog. #DogTested required tag by sponsor.


  1. My dog used to want to climb into my lap when I drove (he was an Australian Shepherd and too big for such shenanigans) so I had to make a no dogs in the front seat rule!

  2. our dogs now freakin hate the car. we traumatized them from the x-country road trip. there is no way they'd wanna come up front lol! but cyrus on the other hand, he was a maniac in the back.

  3. piri has always been good in the car so we're extremely thankful. he loves it. especially long rides. it's a little harder for him to be excited all the time in the car now that he's a bit older and he naps more, but he's still so great! :)

    1. ack! also the subaru video is totally cute!

  4. haha the video is so funny. my dogs aren't toooo bad in the car. we put them in the backseat and bowie will usually lay down but rosie always tries to come up front with us. luckily she's small enough that she can't do too much damage (yet). haha

  5. that driver's license Katherine is just too cute! HaHaHa excellent giveaway! i entered.

  6. This is so awesome! I love Teemo's driver's license!


  7. I love Teemo's driver's license! And that commercial was too cute <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. Those are some crazy stories!!! One of my dog basically cries the entire car ride. :( its horrible. We have some ideas of how to calm her. We just keep trying to make it easier on her.


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