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everyone wishes for silver & gold

I really do love the magic of the holidays and how many things happen around this time of year. We happened to fall across the most perfect December day with 50 degree weather for taking some adorable images of my friend Shauna and her family. I had to share this photo - there are tons of great ones, but I really love her daughter peeking in from the corner over there. It's adorable.

I have taken photos in this location many times before, but apparently they have something special going on for Christmas which rendered the park more crowded than ever, but still perfect for photos.

And I'm totally obsessed with this little k necklace I got from Turtle Love Co.. The font and how adorably tiny it is just makes this the kind of necklace you never take off. It's one of the few that doesn't get to me when I work out and is small enough to just rest there without being cumbersome. Plus, it's sterling silver, which means I can wear it in the shower and not fear that it will stain my skin with cheap gold plating or something.

coat :: forever 21 remixed
sweater :: target (similarremixed
dress :: rusty cuts via etsy remixed
tights :: target
flats :: target remixed
belt :: vintage (similar) remixed
bag :: foley + corinna remixed
elephant necklace : forever 21 (similar) remixed
initial necklace :: c/o turtle love co. 


  1. Love love love this dress! You always have the cutest jewelry too. It's really cute that you're taking family pictures of your friends, that one shot is just adorable :)



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. I totally see the monkey keychain, love it!!!

  2. so sweet. I love that first photo too! SOOO perfect

  3. Oh man, for about two seconds I thought that first picture was you and I was about to freak out. :P But, it is quite the adorable picture.

    Also, I'm loving your ring and you dress. So cute together!


  4. I love the first pic. Little girl and also the heart shape hands. Your polka dot tights are super adorable as well. How do you look so cute in all our pics! I have to practice not being so awkward when I ask my husband to take pictures of me or even when I'm taking a self-cam. :)

  5. Omygoodness I almost thought that was you in the first pic! I loooooove it! And your sparkly tights are so cute!

  6. Oh, what an adorable shot!

    Also, I like the polka dots and find using the frame in your shots to be a really cool, effective photo idea!

  7. That dress is super fun! I love the patterns mixed together, and it makes for some great photos.

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my......Jose Eber GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  8. I love your polka dotted tights so much! and the bird tattoo is the cutest thing! Love everything :)

  9. I love the double dots - you are too cute!


  10. Such cute inventive photos!

  11. This is super adorable!! You have an amazing Star Wars dress!!! Very nice jewelry too!

  12. Oh my dear...these photos are so lovely. I adore that first one. xo

  13. Oh my goodness that first picture is SO cute! And I love that little 'k' necklace!

  14. You are so super cute! Great necklace, and your photos are lovely as always.

  15. That little K necklace is seriously adorable, I love it. And this print mixed dress is great, love both the patterns on it, great with that sweater and coat!
    That first picture is so wonderful :)

  16. That dress is sweet!

    That first photo with the hands is great.



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