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Don't care about being a winner

If you have a dog or are thinking of getting one, I wrote a post on finding fashionable and functional dog collars on Beloved Pets today. Check it out!

Driving Jason to the airport last weekend, I noticed a beautiful old barn right up against the highway. The sign plastered on it gave me a name and a website to look up and admire all last week. I recognized it later as the barn in the pictures that are on the wall outside my office (I announced to my co-worker 'HEY they are pictures of the star barn out here'. I was especially interested because I'm really into finding places that are big parts of America and this town while I am living here. I want to focus more on capturing Harrisburg while I'm here, not hiding taking photos behind my apartment.

don't care 'bout being a winner


When I picked Jason up from the airport this week, we found our way to this beautiful yet dilapidated old barn. First, I was a bit scared. I should have taken pictures (Flickr is full of them if you please), but this is kind of in someone's front lawn, and I have this grand fear of people chasing me out of their lawn. I got over it, and we ventured to take some photos. Really, I love how these turned out, but the barn itself is a little depressing. It's for sale, falling apart, and storage for a bunch of random signs apparently. According to the website, there is a group trying to restore it. Anyhow, it's very beautiful and alarming how these wonderful pieces of America fall so easily.




don't care bout being a winner

don't care 'bout being a winner

don't care 'bout being a winner
dress (worn as top) : rusty cuts via etsy remixed
heels : seychelles remixed
bracelet : target remixed
necklace : target remixed
headband : forever 21 remixed
sunnies : ray ban (gift from the awesome julie) remixed


  1. Love this mix of prints!


  2. Great pictures! That's an awesome barn.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love those yellow shoes. I'd like to get out and take more pictures in public too. I need to just get over my fear of feeling akward about it.

  4. Cool outfit and I enjoyed your post about leashes and collars. I'm totally with you on the martingale, having tags, collars...

  5. your nail paint is amazing !! <3 and that dress looks great on u..
    LoveNitikaPS- Have a look at the new post up at my blog -

  6. Taking photos on property that isn't yours is always a little scary! I love the star on the barn and it really made for a cool backdrop. Your zigzag skirt is adorable :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. gorgeous dress, dear! and such cute nails <3

    XO SahraEffortlessCool

  8. You are so totally gorgeous and I am so in love with your outfit and these photos! It can be extremely stressful to find the perfect location to take photos and not get caught or ran off. I couldn't tell you how many times I've been ran off around here (or threatened to be fined or in trouble for trespassing!) seriously, our town's panties are in a bunch about stupid stuff.
    i hope they do restore it! it would be a beautiful location!

  9. I am so in love with these nails, I wish I knew how to do them, it's seems to be so difficult. This skirt and those amazing heels are awesome, but I truly like each detail you have there.

    Much Love,J. -

  10. Well I very much support time off but I am glad that you got photos of this great striped skirt and this amazing barn! I've always wanted to take my photos by an old barn!

  11. The Midwest Muse .July 5, 2012 at 8:52 PM

    This backdrop is beautiful and I love the print on your skirt.

  12. I am so in love with this photoshoot! I adore old buildings with some history and a story behind them! And the way you captured the little details of your outfit is amazing


  13. I really love your skirt!

  14. This is so funny Katherine - I took my photos on Monday when I was in the area. Your's turned out utterly gorgeous! I was pretty freaked too b/c a couple cars drove out of that house that was across the street..ha. That would have been very cool to have run into you there though :) Loving your outfit lady - that skirt/top (dress) combo is so unexpected and looks beautiful together! Love those shoes too! xx Marisa

  15. What a great location. There are so many creepy places I really would like to go to take photos, but I get too scared, haha! Also, this outfit is just perfect, that skirt is so cute! Also, those sunglasses are so so cute. I need a pair!

  16. LOVE your tattoo

  17. Ooh, I need to check out the shop with the puppy collars. Our poor dog has really old collars, and I think she'd appreciate an update. Your hair is super adorable! I would probably try it if I didn't feel like that cut would make me look ridiculously short. Maybe sometime...


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