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A Very Instagram Outfit Post

Jason and I spent Memorial Day making Irish beef stew and hanging out with the pups. We visited Wildwood Park and took the pups on a nice walk - we saw deer, chipmunks, and tadpoles and the pups got SO tired.





top : sanrio via forever 21
shorts : ann taylor loft
shoes : keds via outlet
bracelet : market in paris
ray bans : gift from my friend julie
headband : goody
necklace : gift from my friend alyson
raynor's collar : the mod dog via etsy
teemo's collar, bow tie, & lead : silly buddy via etsy


  1. I normally hate wearing shorts, but those scalloped ones look so cute!

  2. Oh my! they are way to cute together!

    looks like you had so much fun!

    Sara :)

  3. Your puppies are adorable. I absolutely love that you guys hung out at a park with your awesome dogs all day.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. oh my land, those are the cutest pups ever!

  5. Love your sunnies!

  6. SO cute! love these pics - also have a soft spot for your top!


  7. How sweet, they are soo cute!! You should share your insta-fashion with Hilary for Fashion{insta}! It's our new favorite thing :)


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