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On Black Friday, Jason and I braved Downtown Disney for a day of shopping, dining, and overall fun. Jason and I love Disney - we honeymooned in Walt Disney World so this was a nice treat for our "just after five month-er-versary" or whatever. Anyhow, it was a nice treat for us.


We started off eating at T-Rex, a restaurant that we inexplicably love. Maybe it's the giant dinosaurs. Maybe it's the ridiculousness of how the waiters carry through on telling you that we just "barely survived that meteor shower" that inevitably happens every five minutes. Or really, really, it's the footprints flatbread. A flat bread pizza with mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, and goat cheese, rotisserie chicken, caramelized onions, and topped with a balsamic vinagairette glaze. We had made many pizzas inspired by it, but their chicken is really, really excellent, and I barely like chicken. It was a great start to our day.

t rex inside 
vinylmation table

We went around Downtown Disney and bought ourselves some Vinylmation toys - these toys are our favorite! We had collected various vinyls since we started dating, and when Disney came out with them, it was like the perfect marriage of our favorite things. Plus, unlike our other vinyl collections, there is a system in store where you can trade your Vinylmations at various locations throughout the parks and in Disney stores. This works out perfectly since the first two boxes we ever bought happened to be the same toy! A new series, called Park Starz, features custom shaped vinyls, and I hope to get more of these. They are adorable and feature some characters from our favorite rides. We didn't realize at first who this little guy was (the Ice Gator from Blizzard Beach) but he is awful adorable.

disney park starz packaging park starz : ice gator

Jason also took some cute photos of me in my dress for the day. 
Sunshine & Daisies Sunshine & Daisies Sunshine & Daisies
dress : anthropologie bright bandana dress
bag : foley + corinna disco city clutch remixed
necklace : crave jewelry via etsy remixed
sweater : xhilaration via target
shoes (unseen - husband fail! but not really) : bamboo via modcloth

We went putt putt golfing at an off-site course (since we were driving there anyway) called Pirate's Cove then went to the Yacht Club for our dinner - we walked around the Epcot resort area (Yacht Club, Beach Club, Board Walk, and the Swan and Dolphin hotels) before dinner and took photographs.

looking at the epcot resorts boardwalk 

 We also saw this awesome Stitch gingerbread piece that I saw featured on the Disney blog before I came - I loved it! It was great in real life - Stitch is my favorite character.

stitch's boardwalk bakery 

 Our dinner at the Yachtsmans Steakhouse was stellar - we really just let ourselves enjoy a crazy birthday meal! Our meal started with onion bread with roasted garlic and butter (free with your meal - always a plus!) that was AMAZING. Oh how I love roasted garlic!! I also ordered an amazing wildberry margarita that was way too easy to drink.

yachtsman steakhouse

We both had steak - I had a filet mignon with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes while Jason had an aged New York strip with au gratin potatoes. We also added caramelized onions and mac and cheese as sides. Jason's steak was perfectly cooked and paired with a peppercorn brandy sauce that was to die for - his steak was the highlight of the meal. His potatoes were quite delicious too and I really enjoyed the cheeses, whatever they were, that they chose in it. My steak was great, but it did pale a bit in comparison, and my mashed potatoes were a good thick consistency with a lot of flavor - quite yummy. The caramelized onions were a bit disappointed - they tasted to be doused in a strong cooking sherry and a lot of salt to me - not quite what I would have imagined. The mac and cheese was great in flavor but was really watery. The truffle oil was delicious in it and definitely made up for it's less than stellar consistency.

onion bread & garlic at yachtsman steakhouse

We ended with a cheese plate. Disney does cheese plates so well. I'm not sure what it is, but their selection of cheeses and pairings are perfect and always delicious. This one featured a young goat cheese marinated in olive oil with peppercorn, a smokey blue cheese with honeycomb, and two cows milk cheeses - the best being a harder cheese paired with pear butter! MM! See the photo below for the beautiful presentation.

cheese plate at yachtsman steakhouse

It was the most wonderful and best date night! It was amazing to see my husband again after so long - I miss him a lot already.

Lastly, I saw my guinea pig's too! This is a photo of me and sir tom while he was getting wiped down and eating carrots.

  sir tom & me


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