Small Girl, Big Ideas

This past week has been an exciting one - my pregnancy is out at work (and social media, what can I say, I couldn't keep it in!), we're getting ready for a fun Disney trip, and last weekend we added a closet to what will become our kid's room.

I found out I was having a daughter a little over 3 weeks ago - I mean, I already knew I was having a kid, but I was able to get results early from the Harmony blood test which my doctor did. I loved being able to find out through DNA and know my baby was healthy at the same time. Very reassuring. Also meant I could buy DRESSES! I've already gotten my first Byrony and Co dress for her. She also has a lot of adorableness in her room already.

Weekends are full of projects and errands - we still have a lot of projects on our home we would love to do before Stella gets here.

One of the best new things in our home: our new chair and ottoman from Joybird furniture..... I'm in love. This is our first piece of 'real' non-Ikea, fancy furniture and it was amazinggg to have someone come and put it in our living room. Teemo has taken to the chair well.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was really excited to share with others. The problem is, there is a good couple of months where you are hiding it from at least someone. Mostly, the people you work with.

Pregnancies are unusually common where I work now - I have never worked anywhere in my career where 3 or more people are pregnant at once, especially not smaller offices. My excitement had been building, especially with friends and co-workers also announcing while I stayed silent. As my excitement built, my ideas on how to announce that I too was joining the club of parents were growing larger and larger.

Then it hit me: use this as a creative outlet. I got my sketch pad out, mocked up a quick quiz and logic for a calculator that would allow you to guess my due date and tell you how far off you were, and then got to work. I took all the photos, pulled free vectors from sites like Vecteezy, and came up with something that I hoped would make my co-workers smile.

The great thing about interactive web experiences is that you get your user interested. This made my announcement feel personalized to my company and to each person. Everyone got to find out in their own way - and the responses shown to their answers changed depending on what they answered. People who correctly guessed 'girl' got to know I already bought matching dresses, while I didn't show that for those who guessed 'boy'.
I also didn't tell people what was going on, I just shared a link to something I had made and let everything come together. It made for a nice surprise, a good story, and made it a bit special for me. Which, I'm not going to lie, I wanted since I have have always wanted to have kids, Jason and I just waited until things were stable. I also am incredibly grateful that I have co-workers who were so excited for me - my boss had even suspected me and had confetti to throw. 

I didn't do anything quite as fancy online - I honestly wasn't 100% sure if I would really 'announce' online as much as just start taking photos of baby stuff one day (what I did) - but I really enjoyed making the announcement something fun for the people around me on a day to day basis.

This past week has been a blur - between starting many projects this weekend (ombre-dyeing my hair, painting  a geometric mural on a guest bedroom wall, painting a bed frame, and more!) and working on some special projects at work, the week has sped by. I barely made it to taking a photo Tuesday evening I fell asleep so early - I ended up taking this photo of my wooden birds cutout from bed...

A little project I am helping my friend Shauna with is Flat Stanley. Her daugher's class is doing a project where Flat Stanley travels the world - and I am so excited to take him to the beach this weekend and Disney World next weekend!

It's rough to remember to blog.

In all honesty, I'm amazed that for nearly 3 years, I was able to get on my computer every single night and write, read, and create. To all of you still doing it: you are unbelievable and I admire you completely. To me: stop sleeping so much and create more.

I wanted to share some highlights from the past 2.5 weeks (how is January almost over?!) from this year's 365 project.

Jason and I purchased a new car one Sunday night. We did it a bit on a whim - or at least, what you consider a whim for the two of us. But the passenger side window hasn't rolled down in Jason's car for the better part of 4 years and recently, on our trip to Key West, the back passenger side stopped rolling down and we never quite got it all the way back up... Anyhow, now my window rolls down and I have a moonroof. Honda HR-V - I heart you.

Puppies have been super adorable because it's been strangely cold in Florida mid-January. Like our house was only 64 degrees for awhile, and we don't have a heater.

I've done a bit of work around the house - mostly decorating in the 'vintage Disney room' as I have dubbed it. Loving the little Disney details that we have collected over the years.

I've been feeling pretty damn lucky in January. This was a card from a friend down here in Florida, and it was a nice token that really made me realize I'm pretty fortunate to have moved this much and have friends in so many places. Sappy, but truth.

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